Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"Facebook Journalist" Observed A "Frantic" Woman Looking For Devon Parker Shortly After Murder Of Good Samaritan Thomas Sonnenberg...

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Here's an odd factoid which happened, and seems significant, but hasn't been discussed in the many articles and commentaries written about the murder of Good Samaritan Thomas Sonnenberg, a crime which shocked a neighborhood which has seen everything and been reported from San Francisco to England...

One of the first journalists to arrive on the scene (if not actually THE first journalist on the scene) was a "Facebooker" who has been Johnny-on-the-spot with reports of crime in the neighborhood. A few times this Facebooker has thrilled and informed members of the North Vent discussion forum with his reporting of crime in the neighborhood. At this very moment he's submitting information about a burglary in the 3700 block of Morgan Avenue North which "went bad" for the burglar but reportedly nobody is dead. Police are crawling all over that block.

So this self-trained journalist was outside the house of the late Mr. Sonnenberg where he captured the image above. The Facwebook journalist observed a "frantic" light-skinned woman pull up in a dark colored 4 door vehicle. And she said the name "Devon Parker" and was looking for Devon Parker, now charged with murdering Sonnenberg.

"She dust (sic) rolled up fast asking where he was then backed down the road...was frantic." This is how it was related to me via Facebook message.

Of course the question has been raised: How did this woman know to look for Parker at the house where Sonnenberg was murdered? And if she was looking for him, and something happened with Parker at the scene, why did the woman get out of there so quickly? To what degree, if any, was she involved? Keep in mind, Parker was wanted by the law at that very moment and facing prison. The possibility Parker wanted to rob somebody and (in particular) get his hands on a gun is certainly not a wild or unlikely possibility. So another question would be, "Was there an accomplice?"

I don't have answers to this.

But I sure do have very specific questions.

Who was this woman? Have the police identified her? Is it possible Parker called her on a phone? And was she an accomplice before the fact or was there an attempt to make her an accomplice after the fact?

ADDENDUM, February 12, I received the following info: yes - i think it was some sort of honda - kust a shitty mommie car... typical 4 door


Jake G said...

Maybe they were reading your blog John! Or using an app like waze on a smartphone? Good ole technology helping criminals

Anonymous said...

This smacks of a premeditated plot.

I bet Parker didn't count on Sonnenberg coming to the door with a handgun and got spooked into something stupid.

Stupid is as stupid does.

Anonymous said...

How can I view the North Vent forum? Do you have to be a facebook member? I've heard about it for awhile now but can't find a link.I know I'm not alone in wishing that Mr. Sonnenberg had not let that devil into his home.

Anonymous said...

"Facebook journalist." There's an oxymoron! You've been duped again, Johnny!

Anonymous said...

Slicked himself into the house of an old couple he had cased and the bitch was in on it with him...don't worry he'll snitch on her and they both can rot in jail.
I would like to know of every instance of a perp being fucked up or blown away but, once again, unless someone is killed it don't make the shit rag, scared to tell the whole story, sorry local ass-wipe paper called the tribune(no caps deserved).

Johnny Northside! said...

I do not care for the tone of one of the comments but I'd have to agree that unless somebody is "blown away" it doesn't get covered by the other media.

Here's a fine example. People shot at the bus stop last month. Police said they had "clues." Any follow up from the media? None.

Johnny Northside! said...

Yes. You need a Facebook account to participate in Facebook forums or find them with the Facebook search engine within Facebook. Get an account. It's not that hard. Even a very basic account will give you that kind of access.

Anonymous said...

Better investigation than the Mpls. police as usually Johnny! I won't trust that those at the 4th or those so called community crime prevention specialists will ever comment on this new information. I also don't trust that those involved in the Eden Prairie shooting of two, most likely, unarmed people will ever be held accountable either. Tell me again about your love affair with the police. Is it only for reasons if you run for a public office? God knows you have to be a good goose stepper for those jobs these days.

Anonymous said...

Again, and again you are told that using images from Facebpook is a copyright violation. Here is more evidence you violate copyright, as Facebook imaged ARE NOT in the public domain, they are owned by the Facebook page author:


Not that you'll ever listed, but you are not using these images under "First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism", you are using them as illustrations just like the blogger in the above article.
Someday you will use the wrong image, and the owner will use the copyright law to get it removed.
Or if we are lucky, your blog shut down. You have no respect or ethics.

Johnny Northside! said...

Dear troll...

Apparently you can't grasp the distinction between "comment and criticism" under the First Amendment and using a copyrighted image for illustration purposes. I see no point in trying to pound the point into an unwilling brain. I am content to let you wallow in your continued ignorance.