Wednesday, February 19, 2014

More Mugshots Turn Up Of Tragic Patriarch Troy Lewis Who Lost Five Children In A Fire, Including Disturbing (Possible) Charges Of "Intentionally Providing False Information," Uh huh....


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An anonymous commenter to this blog told me to head over to Mugshots Online and search under "Troy NMN Lewis" to see what turns up.

Two more mugshots turn up, with the date of birth and the now-familiar face of Troy Lewis. Lewis lost five of his seven children in a fire at 2818 Colfax Ave. N. The death of the children is undoubtedly a horrific tragedy but JNS blog is committed to asking tough questions about what happened particularly in light of the extensive criminal background of the father which, to any reasonable person, would throw some question on his credibility.  

Particularly this latest info...

On 2/17/2009 Troy Lewis (wearing a black shirt) was booked under charges of failing to register as a predatory sex offender and knowingly violating registration requirements OR providing false information to police.

Note the charge can be one or the other. The same statute appears to cover both. So it's not clear whether he was accused of deliberately and knowingly failing to register OR IF HE WAS ALSO ACCUSED OF LYING. Since so much hinges upon the truthfulness of Troy Lewis, a (possible) charge of this kind is both disturbing and highly relevant. Was he charged with LYING TO THE AUTHORITIES? Or MERELY trying to avoid registering as a predatory offender?

But wait. There's more. On 3/23/2012, Troy Lewis was charged with the same thing AGAIN, as follows:


What was different about this time? Well, it happened on a different date and he was wearing an orange shirt. Both of the mug shots were in Minneapolis.

It must be pointed out JNS blog is not the only one asking these questions. Increasingly, in North Minneapolis Facebook forums and private messages exchanged back and forth, tough and very uncomfortable questions are being asked independent of the mainstream media about the credibility of Troy Lewis.

One woman who is the mother of a child said if it was her child in the fire she'd be dead by his side, so how come five children are dead and two badly injured yet Troy Lewis has relatively few injuries? And the question of whether this guy is really a "Vietnam War vet" as stated by KARE is up in the air, as well. If Lewis was born in January of 1954 does that mean he managed to end up in Vietnam at the tail end of the war in 1972 or 1973 at the age of 18 or 19?

Is KARE just going to feed us that line about wartime service or will KARE actually investigate its truthfulness?

At the same time, I'm being told by somebody claiming to be a former resident of the upper unit of 2818 Colfax Ave. N. the apartment was very nice and the baseboard heaters all worked just fine and this blogger shouldn't be so critical of slumlord Paul Bertelson. Fair enough. Give me permission to share the photos and I will share them. I don't NEED your permission; you sent me something unsolicited, but I'm being polite.

Meanwhile, I know at least one mainstream media entity is trying to follow up on information published here (but first promulgated on a neighborhood Facebook forum by Lisa Clemons, the sister of loud and erratic activist Al Flowers) of the two surviving children being placed in a CPS protective hold. 

The wild ride continues and we all wait for some definite answers.


Jake G said...

Good they must have gotten my email to report the truth! Kare yeah right!

Anonymous said...

Concerning possible Vietnam era service, anyone with a birth year of 1954 was included for the first time in the 1974 Draft Lottery Drawing(ref#1) which was held March 8, 1973.

No draft orders had been been issued from the 1973 Draft Lottery Drawing (ref#2) which was held Feb 2, 1972 for those with a birth year of 1953.

No draft orders were issued from the 1974 Draft Lottery Drawing.

In fact, the last draftees in the Vietnam era were born in 1952, received their orders in December of 1972 to report for duty in June of 1973.(ref#1)

Of course it is not usually possible to say never, and there were volunteers who served in Vietnam during the Vietnam era. There no doubt were Vietnam Era(ref#3) volunteers born in 1954, who volunteered and were inducted and served before May 7, 1975.

There are many who falsely claim this service, possibly more false claimants than real veterans.
That is why the DD214 is the accepted proof of claimed service.



ref#3 The Definition of a Vietnam Era Veteran

Anonymous said...

mysterious internet detritus?

Anonymous said...

Good job. Keep the truth coming. We all should put pressure on Ch 11 to get this story right and make any needed retractions.

Anonymous said...

We are going to unpeel this onion layer by layer and reveal what the hell really happened. I will be the first to say BULLSHIT! this motherfucker was not in Vietnam.
He was selling drugs on the south side of Chicago. If any proof is needed, it would be in the form of D.D.Form214 and not the other. Call this phony, dubious cocksucker on his shit and his CRCODILE TEARS and let this pathetic piece of shit go back to jail or molesting or whatever. Tear his sorry ass up!!!!

Anonymous said...

Donqueerius Copeland will soon be wearing prison stripes and snacking on balls. He now pays for what he did. R.I.P. Raejon.

Anonymous said...

Annon 7:55 AM
GLAD you said it and I didn't have to, thanks!

Anonymous said...

He needs to burn in hell big bully fagit bitch truth be told them babys was home along many times he killed there mother & moved a new woman in & a friend said the grandmother rosie the lady who held up a picture of the kids was lying for him the man is a rapist & needs to go back to jail

Johnny Northside! said...

All you folks making factual assertions need to be making SPECIFIC factual assertions and doing it IN YOUR OWN NAME and not anonymously or what you're saying, no matter how heartfelt, is just WORTHLESS and NOT HELPFUL AT ALL.

Anonymous said...

wow your amazing. and very fucking heartless. this man just lost of his kids and all you can sit and do is look up his fucking background and degrade him instead of consoling him and going after the guy who rented him this death trap in the first fucking place. GET YOUR LIFE you old ass sad ass bored ass dick head