Friday, February 21, 2014

Demiteras Cooper, Arrested Yesterday As A Murder Suspect, Hails From "Chicago," But Not Much Else Is Revealed On Facebook...

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A helpful reader pointed me to the Facebook profile of Demiteras Cooper, (click here for previous article) arrested last night on a murder charge. It is believed the murder happened on the 2000 block of Hillside N. yesterday, but that (as well as the name of the victim or even the specific address where the murder took place) is unconfirmed and unknown. Birthday and face and distinctive name, however, lets me confirm this is the same Demiteras Cooper. Compare his face above with...

...this mugshot from Maricopa County, Arizona. (Yes, ARIZONA!) The birthday of 4/11/76 confirms it's the same guy, arrested all over the place.

Cooper, according to Facebook, hails from "Chicago." A friend of mine recently told me,"If these thugs have spent five minutes of their life in Chicago, they all put 'Chicago' on their Facebook profile, because they actually think there's some kind of thuggy status in being from Chicago." One person's opinion, but I tend to agree it's a pattern I've often observed.  

I have seen much more revealing and informative Facebook profiles, and this one is kind of thin in comparison, but here's what we learn about Demiteras Cooper:

Cooper's "likes" include "Jaw Dropping Asses" and "F*CK THE MINNEAPOLIS POLICE."

Groups that he has joined on Facebook include "CHA (Chicago Housing Authority) Past And Present Residents" and "U Know U From The Robert Taylor Projects When?" (Sic)

And, tragically, it looks like he has a couple of children whose father is now in jail on a murder charge. But for murdering who (allegedly) and where? That's the part I don't know, yet, but this blog is still ahead of every other media source on this murder arrest.

KARE? Star Tribune? Jump in whenever you feel comfortable.

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