Thursday, February 6, 2014

What Is The Opposite Of "Baby Mama Drama?" Looking At This Criminal Complaint, It Might Be "Baby Dad Goes Mad"

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John Hoff

Click here for the criminal complaint. 

Many a word has been written on this blog about incidents that revolve around "baby mama drama," but let's not be sexist. Baby dads can be just as bad (allegedly) in their own way, though their "drama" can be a more (shall we say?) high caliber variety...

So it is with , allegedly, Michael Robert Daniel. Police say Daniel went on something of a rampage when he arrived at the residence where his child's mother resides and was thwarted from seeing the child.

(Sarcasm font) Gee, can't imagine why, when he pulled up in a vehicle along with Darius Jemell Baker who has a drug conviction and then, later, it turned out there was a stolen pistol in the vehicle. Why not let the child hang with daddy? (End sarcasm font)

I think I have to take the side of the mother in this instance.

According to a witness named "D.W.," who might be the mother or might be somebody else who witnessed these events, Baker came to the door demanding to enter the house and see his child. 

That was his first mistake. When you want to see your child, best to come to the door, hat in hand, and say, "Please, may I see my child? We'll go out for G-rated movies and ice creams and use approved child car seats and it will be ever-so-fun for the child, and you will get a little break to go out to the hairdresser or whatever." 

Then you wait. You wait outside on the steps for however long it takes for the mommy to get the kid warmly dressed and make sure the child has phone numbers memorized or whatever. 

So it would appear, first of all, Daniel didn't "come to the baby mama correctly" and things went downhill from there. He tried to push his way inside but was pushed back outside by individuals inside the house. He did get his head through the doorway, and that was enough to get Daniel charged with a crime, I suspect, but who knows? In this instance I have the complaint against Baker, who is charged as an accomplice after the fact.

Daniel was reportedly yelling "I want my son" and "somebody is going to die." Then he pulled a gun out of his waistband.

While somebody dialed 911, Daniel ran to a green SUV (XJY469) and the vehicle pulled away. But the vehicle came back around with Daniel hanging out the window, yelling, and it seemed like he might commit a drive-by shooting.

Police caught up with the vehicle but it didn't stop right away. Out the window went the gun, allegedly. Police stopped and picked it up; finders keepers.

Turned out the gun was stolen out of the City of Richfield, but in North Minneapolis that often means somebody with no criminal record (a baby mama, for example) goes into a gun shop with a list of weapons she can't even pronounce, buys the guns and then (oh, my goodness!) a while later the guns are reported STOLEN (insurance scam, ka-ching!) and turn up on the streets.

So I'd be looking deeply into this "stolen gun."

Baker, the alleged accomplice to this "baby dad goes mad" drama, reportedly lives at 2719 Emerson Ave. N., Apt 1.

The building is owned by Urban Homeworks. Isn't that just ducky?

By the way, I found this cool Top Ten Baby Mama Drama songs list, click here, but I think somebody should compile a list of songs where Baby Dad Goes Mad.

Here's the song I'd put at Number One. Enjoy.


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Holy Smokes, John, I didn't know Anglo boys could rap so well, 'cept MnM. The sooner the young folks learn that when a child shows up THEY are not numero uno anymore. My mama always said, "It's the children that suffer!"

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What do you think of this new interactive mapping thing


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Johnny likey. Hey, man, if you don't see me blog about that in the near future keep remind me until I do. This needs more prominence that a blog comment!

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"Reminding." I meant "reminding."