Friday, October 9, 2009

JNS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: More About Denell Malone, Haywood Eaton...

Photos From the MySpace profile of Nichael Williams, currently on a public setting, 
published under First Amendment "fair comment and criticism." 

Pictured above, (top photo) image of unknown person on the MySpace profile of Nichael Williams, identified in image caption as "The Don." Middle photo was found with the first photo. THE IDENTITY OF THE INDIVIDUALS IN THESE TWO PHOTOS IS UNCONFIRMED. Denell Malone, the alleged killer of Haywood Eaton was known as "Little Don" but the individual in the photo also resembles Haywood Eaton. Bottom photo is a "tribute photo" to Haywood Eaton found on the same MySpace page. 

(This post was revised to reflect continuing uncertainty about the identity of the individual in the top two photos) 

Denell Ray Malone, Jr., who is believed to be the son and namesake of notorious imprisoned gang member Dennell Malone, (click here for more details and be sure to read the comments, as well) is accused of the brazen daylight shooting of Haywood Eaton.

According to details found only in a Fox 9 story, click here, Haywood's girlfriend Nichael Williams was at the wheel of a vehicle belonging to former boyfriend Marshawn Stevens. Haywood Eaton was in the vehicle, a green Tahoe.

Marshawn Stevens and Haywood Eaton were in a confrontation over the use of the green Tahoe by Williams while Haywood was in the vehicle. The confrontation grew to a fight involving a number of young men.

Other news reports paint a picture of...

...bystanders at the dirty and crime-ridden Hawthorn Crossings strip mall / open air drug market running to see the exciting fight, including a 15-year-old boy who dragged a 4-year-old girl there by the hand from the McDonalds restaurant.

Accused shooter Denell Malone--whose name is spelled with one "n" while his father's name has two--reportedly pulled up his shirt to display a pistol. Then Malone ran behind the Burger King, pulled his shirt up over his face, and came out shooting. Based on news video of a wadded up garment left at the scene, JNS blog believes the shirt to be a "long plain white tee."

Malone allegedly fired at least four times, hitting not only his intended target but also the 15-year-old, who was trying to run away at that point. The 15-year-old was hit in the back and ran to the McDonalds at Hawthorn Crossings strip mall. Based on the fact the 15-year-old had broken ribs (plural) JNS blog speculates the weapon was at least a .38 caliber, and not merely a .22 caliber pistol.

The naming of names by Fox 9 creates opportunities for the blogosphere to ferret out additional information in this high-profile crime.

Nichael Williams maintains a MySpace page, click here, which as of this moment is set to "public." She has changed her profile name to "R.I.P. Haywood Baaay Im missin u like crazy" in tribute to Haywood. Information on her profile and pieced together from news reports would lead to the conclusion that Marshawn Stevens is the father of Williams' first child. Information on Williams' Myspace page would lead one to conclude she is currently pregnant with Haywood Eaton's child.

In contrast to the "nice young man" photo featured on some news reports about Eaton, click here for an example, the "tribute picture" on Williams' MySpace page shows a young man flashing a gang sign.

The images (suspected to be) of Denell "Little Don" Malone are even more disturbing, as he flashes a gang sign in front of a poster for the movie "Scarface" with Al Pacino, click here for an example of the content of that movie.

This morning, JNS blog has been repeatedly and emphatically asked not to publish this information by an individual concerned about my safety.

It is the position of JNS blog that the revitalization efforts in NoMi can only go forward if revitalizers are unafraid to speak the truth, openly and in detail, about (for example) a true picture of daily conditions at the drug and gang-infested Hawthorn Crossings strip mall. Denell "Little Don" Malone, Jr. and Haywood Eaton are part of that picture, and it should be an accurate and detailed picture, not distorted by funereal sentimentality or denial about the life of Haywood Eaton or, for that matter, Denell Malone, Jr.

JNS is alive today. God willing, I will be alive tomorrow, and the next day. I will be alive two weeks from now. I will be uninjured, unafraid, and I will speak the unvarnished truth about what goes on in my neighborhood and how decent people fight a daily battle to turn our neighborhood around and how--despite periodic setbacks of gang members killing gang members--we are making incredible progress.

OK. Do the comments thing now.


veg*nation said...

i have to say that the photoshop job on the tribute poster is really very nicely done, and shows a lot of creativity. it's one of the things that makes me sad (and angry) about all of this--there is so much wasted potential out there.

Kat said...

Keep it up, JNS. Your stand against the 'thug culture' will only help to bring the Northside back to a family-friendly neighborhood, where kids won't get shot up doing their homework, and where families of *ALL* cultures can live in relative peace.

It’s sad that families have to go through these tragedies; but people make choices in life. And these are those consequences. Even if Haywood was an innocent bystander, what caused the shooting? If there wasn’t a fight, would he be alive today, waiting for his child to be born?

Oh, and if anyone's thinking about getting back at JNS in a physical sense, one question. Why? You should be mad at the culture, and should take strive to break said lifestyle and make your neighborhood BETTER, NOT WORSE! A kid's going to grow up without a father now - how is this okay? Violence begets violence. Responding in violence makes everything worse. No matter how angry you are.

And, your IP address should be automatically logged by the website. Thus, even if you post your threats, or even visit this post… you’re not exactly anonymous. If any violence comes to JNS, you can guarantee that the cops will look at this log (of every IP address!) and find the perpetrator.

The World is Flat said...

JNS, I clicked, I saw, I read... and in this situation, I think Pond-Dragon would say, “the truth…she hurts…”

I have to say that some folks indeed will be mad about this post…but they shouldn't shoot the messenger (figuratively and literally), despite what is advocated by the Mpls. Mirror.

The people involved have a lot to go through right now. Part of it will have to be embracing the concept that the “gangster life-style” is not a sustainable proposition.

This is clearly a time for reflection…and will be a part of NoMi’s healing process…

Anonymous said...

Is everbody aware of the fact that individuals that win a lottery stand a much greater chance statistically of going through a bankruptcy that those that do not?

Why is that, and what analogy can be drawn from it as it relates to this particular blog?

Why did these two young adults become involved in an event that will forever change the course of so many lives, and what needs to be changed to keep it from happening again? Because at the end of the day, answering this very profound question is what EVERYONE that posts on this blog should be interested in. It would resolve all the differences that seem to appear.

For the last several months, I have read and given great thought to the rainbow spectrum of posts that appear on this blof that represent everything from the far-left (ridiculous), to the far-right (and equally ridiculous) concepts as to what the societal and neighborhood responsibilities are to individuals.

My feelings on this particular incident?

For those that were family members, relatives or friends of these two indivduals - shame on you for not having recognized where they were both headed and not have done something to have prevented this tragedy.

For those that live within the community where this happened - I feel sorry for you. Enough money doesn't exist (nor would it have changed things, without there FIRST being a change in attitude by the family, relatives and friends) to have changed what happened.

For those that profess that funds, programs and "understanding" alone will remedy the problem - You are the ones that are setting the social "safety net" that currently exists in situations like this. SHAME ON YOU. You indirectly have aided and abetted this tragic and very sad self-fullfilling prophecy.

If your interests truly are to raise the level of the standard of living for those that currently occupy the lowest social (and economic) "rung" on the ladder, you need to understand that without putting forth the effort to place the necessary preconditions in-place to allow for a reasonable success rate, you're just throwing good money after bad.

There is no one on this blog that does not wish that everyone living within NOMI have anything but a happy and productive life. I am sure of that. However, in order for that to occur (or at least improve marginally), there needs to be a benchmark set as to what the "minimal acceptable behaviour" of indivduals within the community should be.

I quite frankly am sick and tired of hearing "mouth-pieces" of the "community" take the stand that they are not getting their "fair-share" when they are not willing to offer-up a clear plan as to what the "fair-share" they are not getting would be used for.

Shame on individuals like Don Allen for supporting Lennies' "dream". Shame on those individuals" (and continue to remain anonymous) that adamantly defend "candidates" like McKnight, Chism or Flowers. If this is representative of where you want the "social" safety net set, then I don't want any part of your "ideas", as they are baseless in their logic.

dennis m plante

Don Allen said...

Hey Johnny, I hope you publish this. Lately, you news (negative) is mostly about Black folks. I would like to read more stuff the White People in North Minneapolis do. For example, we could start with the Ackerberg Group, then move over to Catalyst and throw in some Peace Foundation. Of course this would fall under "white-collar" political favors and corruption but still, every where Blacks hang out can't be "dirty."

Don Samuels is in City Hall...

MeganG. said...

really well said dmp - that was a very thoughtful and poignant contribution.

Johnny Northside said...


Did you read my story about Richard Webb, the "scum behind the slum?" And watch for more coverage of Mahmood Khan in the next few days from the Hawthorne Hawkman.

I'd also like to point out that you have your own blog, Don. If you have a lead on some kind of white collar crime, write your little heart out.

Don "GOP" Allen said...

@Dennis M. Plat - Again I support no north side ward 5 candidate. Your comments hold no credence and i mostly folly.n

Anonymous said...

for those that want to know more about JNS he is on the board of the Hawthorne community. As an old residents of this neighbor hood I can say that I'm glad I've moved out. Not because of the crime but because of the nonsence that this Hawthorne community board was creating.

JNS blogs about the problems with these young men, blogs about the problems with in the community. I have yet to see a solution and have yet to see it cleaned up. I guess the solution was to tear down homes so the "thugs wouldnt hang out". But you see every day and night the many people sitting on the ledge of Broadway & Lyndale either asking for money, asking for bus fare or hoping that someone will sell them some drugs.

Do something about this Hawthorne community and worrying about that this person's grass is to high, that this person needs to paint their home or this person's car been sitting in the street for over a month and hasnt moved. When I lived there so many residents where reported to the city about minor things.

To those of you looking at the pictures that were posted from someones myspace. JNS is very incorrect about who they are. JNS if you are going to blog at least get your facts straight before you put them out there. I'm being to wonder if any of you know which set of "gangs" live in the Hawthorne community. I'm guessing JNS doesnt even now that unless he belongs to one himself?

JNS are u a Y&T or E&B member? JNS do get your facts straight before blogging anymore cuz if this was my son and you labeled him wrong I would hit u with a law suit.

Killer Clowns From Outer Space said...

October 9, 2009 2:07 PM

Don, do you think that we (black people), don't need to have a light shined on our CRAP?

Don't you think accountability for MORTAL crimes is vital to the communities betterment?

The fact that you don't speak out against violence, is an act of accepting it.

Sweeping this kind of behaviour under the rug doesn't make things better for us.

Keep shining a light on the economic injustices in the community, sure. But really... you have a problem with someone shining a light on the VIOLENCE in the community? REALLY? REALLY?

Johnny Northside said...

Well, that's the beauty of it. I didn't label him wrong. I said it's not clear, it's not confirmed.

However, those are photos of somebody labeled "The Don" on Nichael Williams' MySpace page, and it appears that Denell "Little Don" Malone, Jr. ran in the same social circle as the father of Williams' first child.

So odds are somebody labeled "The Don" on her MySpace page is, indeed, Dennell "Little Don" Malone, Jr. I mean, "Don" or "Little Don" isn't THAT common a nickname. It would quite a coincidence, wouldn't you say?

Even if it is a coincidence, it's interesting and noteworthy. Did Williams know TWO young men who both went by a "Don" nickname?

If I get positive verification of the identity of the "Don" individual in the first two photos and it's NOT Denell "Little Don" Malone, I will say so here in the comments and amend the post accordingly. In fact, I can't help but note the "Don" individual in those two images looks a bit like--good lord--HAYWOOD EATON, the victim!

Those two images are, however, blog worthy images. They show the lifestyle swirling around the participants in this unfortunate incident. As for the third image, it's obviously Haywood Eaton.

Flashing a gang sign.

And this is a post-death TRIBUTE to him? Haywood Eaton flashing a GANG SIGN and the name of the gang (Deuce 6) written right on the image?

Anonymous said...

Don Allen Said:
@Dennis M. Plat - Again I support no north side ward 5 candidate. Your comments hold no credence and i mostly folly.

Dennis m plante responds:
To begin with Don, the name is dennis m plante. In answer to your reply that my comments hold no "cedence", my question is to whom? You? That would not surprise me Don. Your inability to support a City Councilperson at this point in the election speaks volumes as to your position on matters that affect the ward.

Your inability to bring forth a clear-concise message for the change necessary to make NOMI a livable is and has always been, a very loud and clear agenda as to what your intentions really are.

Open-up the "purse strings" and make you the "gatekeeper" of who should receive the funds that are to be "doled-out".

I'm sorry to inform you, however, most living in Nomi see this as a reocurring pattern of abuse, not too much different to what it is you propose is causing the current dysfunction.

I find a couple of things very interesting.

Firstly, you have a blog that seems to be supported by very few viewers (at least if you take the comments left by viewers to be any indication).

You profess a clear and consistent disdain for CM Samuels. Is that because he has put-forth the effort necessary to place himself in a position of change and has chosen to articulate a clear and concise position what need to happen to bring about meaningful and significant change? Which btw-don't include your radical opinions and views.

In closing, I find-it very interesting that someone as opinionated as yourself on every issue one could dream of (and clearly against CM Samuels), has yet to throw their support behind the "least dirty pair of socks in the dresser drawer". Why might that be Don?

Anonymous said...

Don Allen Said:
Hey Johnny, I hope you publish this. Lately, you news (negative) is mostly about Black folks. I would like to read more stuff the White People in North Minneapolis do. For example, we could start with the Ackerberg Group, then move over to Catalyst and throw in some Peace Foundation. Of course this would fall under "white-collar" political favors and corruption but still, every where Blacks hang out can't be "dirty."

Don Samuels is in City Hall...

Dennis Plante Replies:
News flsh Don. The majority of the news JNS reports is mostly about blacks because they represent the majority of residents (and thusly the majority of the news) that would be reported. You aren't a proponent of prporting something else are you?

Also, subtly linking CM Samuels to the "plight" that is currently occuring in NOMI shows you total lack of understanding as to what the depth and breadth of the real issues are.

Unless of course you believe he's the cause of the problem and can offer-up definitive proof to that effect.

Anonymous said...

Lyrics from the song "Famine" by Sinead O'Connor are appropriate here. the people we are talking about aren't Irish, but I think it still fits. The song is about the current cycle of abuse, poverty and neglect that has its roots in the injustices one people perpetuated against another.

Anonymous said...

To Dan Allen,

I find it amazing that you subtly accuse CM Samuels of "back-door" deals that would directly affect the well-being of disadvantaged businesses in NOMI. What proof do you have of CM Samuels not supporting any well thought-out, well presented plan, proposal, bid, or idea, that's been offered-up by someone (regardless of class or social standing) that resides in NOMI? I believe the correct answer is NONE. Wouldn't you agree?

Yet, you continue to take baseless potshots at him. You think he and his family are getting rich off his efforts as a CM, or their efforts with the PEACE Foundation? If that's the case, then you do not know him very well. When I lived in Jordan, there were more than a few occassions that CM Samuels had to call ME for a ride to an event because the one vehicle his family owned at the time was eithe broken-down, or being used by his wife for something related to their children.

While I appreciate the fact that this is a free country and you have the right to write what you do, please understand that your credibility is at stake. If you want people to take you serious, then you need to be more credible.

dennis m plante

World Is Flat said...

Ok Anon @ October 9, 2009 3:12 PM, I'll bite....what do the letters Y&T and E&B stand for?

Also, I'm curious what the basis of your hypothetical "if that were my son..." law suit against JNS would be? In my opinion (which is First Amendment protected speech) evidence Dennis Plante's point with that responsibility-shifting comment.

To Don Allen ~ I'm not seeing the newsworthiness of this story connected with race as much as, I'm gonna have to disagree with you on that point.

To "...Clowns from Outerspace": Man, I wouldn't pick that name, but I get what you are saying.

To: MeganG ~ ditto.

For me, the disturbing image is the tribute with the alleged gang signs...its my opinion that there is a disconnection.

Johnny Northside said...

To Dennis Plante,

While I appreciate the defense, I don't know if it's a true statement that the "majority" of coverage on this blog concerns black people.

Also, for the record, I rejected the comment which had the Sinead O'Conner lyrics to "Famine." It is just so, so long and arguably off topic. But if somebody wants to post a YouTube link, I will approve that.

Don "GOP" Allen said...

Dear Whatever your name is (dennis m plante),

Since you are oblivious to SEO marketing I guess I should tell you that comments from the same 15 people don’t make or break a blog site. Since my site is designed and hosted at a corporate ISP and the stories are read from NoMo to China, a comment doesn’t mean doo-doo squat. That’s just a great forum for the few that like to talk, including me.

This entertainment is great on JNS – in some cases it gives the few cowards an opportunity to comment without leaving a name.

To the Clown: Violence will always occur when no jobs are available for people earn a good days wage for a good days work. It seems that the needs of the “few” outweigh the needs of the “many.”
We can agree to disagree – but with my criticism, there are solutions.

Are you on board?

MeganG. said...

@ World is Flat -

It seems the anon commentor is trying to mention the little start up gangs "Young & Thuggin" and E&B?? not sure but it must be something like Emerson & Broadway?? I have heard of Emerson Murder Boyz (yes, murder boys, nice huh?) But never heard of E&B...

and the "duece 6" in the tribute memorial photo must refer to some gang that centers around 26th ave.. real nice.

@Don Allen - what do you propose be to be done about the young men killing each other.. not just here in Mpls, but all over the country. Let's hear some solutions from you.

Anonymous said...

Don Allen, who has spent his whole wannabe-career cobbling together incoherent, ugly rants and baseless accusations against any African American leader who he sees as his competition, or as an obstacle between himself and the city coffers, not only doesn't have the courage to go out on a limb and proclaim that there's anything at all wrong with homicide, or call out his good buddy on his wife-beating ways, or call out his other good buddy for hanging with crips members down in Edina, but now he demands that JNS stop reporting on these things as well!

The truth is, that if Don Allen ever had even a shred of integrity, he would have been posting about his close buddy's domestic assault problems as soon as he knew about them (probably back in September), since that close buddy happens to be a city council candidate. But he didn't do that. As Don has explained, it isn't because he supports Lennie for city council. Apparently it's just because he strongly supports his behavior and values.

Johnny Northside said...

I'm approving your remark because it is substantive and on-topic, as well as articulate. However, despite different points of view on different issues, I want to make it clear I remain a friend of Don Allen.

The fact Don didn't run right out and blog about Lennie's failings and alleged failings is understandable, since he is friendly with Lennie and, hey, maybe Lennie owed him money. I have yet to see Don Allen "condone" Lennie's behavior in public.

Anonymous said...

JNS: "I have yet to see Don Allen "condone" Lennie's behavior in public."

Well, of course that makes sense by LOGICAL standards . . . except that by Don Allen's OWN standards, he has, in fact, decided to condone Lennie's actions--after all, the whole point of his posts is that since Pete the Pedophile, Larry Maxwell, or other of the various white ne'er-do-wells frequently featured on your blog have somehow avoided doing anything blogworthy this week, he's basically accusing you of condoning white crime. :)

Johnny Northside said...

Thank you for brining up Pete The Pedophile and how often he was featured here, and how WHITE he is.

Oh, how about Keith Reitman and his ugly ass chocolate brown building?

How about the owner of Merwins Liquor? What color is he and how often did I go after that place and its notorious "butt fence" before, thank goodness and thank Merwins, they fixed the situation?

And, my personal white bread favorite, the crazy hillbilly dude who broke into his dead neighbor's house on the Fourth of July. Yeah, that was a lot of fun, that blogging. And how white was THAT guy?

Let's face it, JNS is an equal opportunity offender.

Anonymous said...

Anon @537 hit the nail on the head.. it's all about the city coffers.. or the state coffers if you consider contracts and grants from agencies like MNDOT.

It's all about the coffers. That's what Don Allen is pissed at Jerry about. That's what Don Allen is pissed about the Empowerment Zone (which is an old dead beaten horse by the way)

Don Allen doesn't even live in northside.. he lives and works in downtown mpls. Like Al lives in south (or edina, now) like McAfee lives in Brooklyn Park. Like Lennie lives (???) where?

Why don't these knuckle heads get involved in the community in which they DO live? I'll tell you why... it's cause the half-ass shit that their dishing out can't fly in a community with higher standards. So they come into northside to dish out their less than acceptable "leadership" and "work" because for years northside was the place where lower standards were not only ACCEPTABLE but were expected... do you get the irony there, lower standards were expected, now isn't that racism??

Now that there are people in the community demanding equal standards, and political leaders like Don Samuels and Kip Browne, who happen to be black by the way, now the lower standards don't fly anymore, and it's really irking some people isn't it?

Now, to get to the coffers, you gotta put out the same level of expertise and results as every other community in the city and the metro!

That's what I call EQUALITY!

Don "GOP" Allen said...

Anonymous said...

I finally figured out who you are, funny - only one person I told knew the information in your anonymous post. That's okay.

Secondly - I don't condone any violence against women. I don't like to hear about a young black kid murdered.

But neither do I like to see people
found guilty before a jury of their peers can decide their fate.

If a court find Lennie or Al "guilty" of a heinous crime, that would be news. Before that time, its a mute point.

Furthermore, the comment: "ugly rants and baseless accusations against any African American leader who he sees as his competition."

All of my "rants" are based on fact. If you would put your name to the comment you left, I'm pretty sure this blog would find out that you yourself are one of the poverty pimps in north Minneapolis....

There is no competition. Just John over North and me Downtown, "It's covered baby!"

The Mortgage Geek said...

And let's not forget about the occupants and their friends at 2218 Lyndale Ave N, also known as "Upper drug-o-topia."

Those were pot and meth dealers and users (as well as chronic inebriates and pyromaniacs) who were as whitebread as JNS or the Hawthorne Hawkman.

So yeah, JNS calls out illegitimate behavior of all types.

Johnny Northside said...

To Don Allen,

Arg. MOOT point. It's a MOOT point, not a MUTE point.

Sorry. I'm an English Major and I can't help pointing out certain little peeves of mine.

World Is Flat said...

Let's not let this blog-versation get so focused on Don Allen...

To MeganG.: Thank's. I'm hoping to hear from the Anon to confirm the information...particularly the E&B.

Until then, anyone have any thoughts on the hypothetical law suit?

Don "GOP" Allen said...

@Johnny - I know it's MOOT. I like MUTE, cause its turned off in my mind. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

JNS wrote:
To Dennis Plante,

While I appreciate the defense, I don't know if it's a true statement that the "majority" of coverage on this blog concerns black people.

Dennis Plante responds:
Johnny it wasn't so much defense of your position as it is my desire to just "lay the cards" out on the table.

There's nothing wrong with much of the "news" on your blog being related to black people. Afterall, the majority of residents in NOMI ARE black. What is wrong is that some would say the blog is not accurately representing the issues in NOMI by placing too much emphasis on blacks.

Over the last ten years or so, I've seen more dog and pony shows that profess to have the answers related to the plight of NOMI than I care to count. And there's one consistent "theme" to all of them. They all come with the precondition that the "plan" (please use sarcasm font) they all offer entails de-emphasizing some of the core values that are necessary for any neighborhood to succeed and prosper. Livability and safety.

Another commonality for all the "messiahs" has always been that their offerings are "mutually exclusive" of any other voice in NOMI. They must first be given full and absolute power, before they can implement their "plan".

And lastly, the final commonality appears to be that they all believe that CM Samuels is the devil reincarnate. Yet, none will directly answer as to why they believe this to be true. What you hear from them is always laced with inundo, distortions and outright lies, veiled under the guise of him somehow being a house nigga'.

And why exactly is that? Because he is able to work with the existing establishment to facillitate meaningful change. Something which none of these "messiahs" are able to accomplish.

Anonymous said...


# 18 / Male
# Last Login: 10/9/2009

mmmm very interesting

veg*nation said...

@dmp, 11:11:

BINGO. exactly right.

one thing that i find troubling about, for instance, don allen's continuing to demand that the neighborhood not ask his crony lennie any questions at all about the convenience store he wants to open up (to not only replace, but emulate Uncle Bill's), while he already knew what a misogynistic thug lennie was, is that he is modeling what it looks like to always put one's own interests and those of one's cronies above the interests of the neighborhood. always.

the rule of the game is to sling unsubstantiated mud at everyone else, but when it comes to your cronies, sudddenly it's not about what you know to be the truth, but about standards of legal proof.

this is basically the grown up version of the "no snitches" rule.

Johnny Northside said...

To Anonymous at 12:39.

That particular MySpace page is a kind of Rosetta Stone to several other MySpace pages that include "R.I.P. Haywood."

Check out this link to DOC. This appears to be the "big brother" being referenced on that page.

Anonymous said...

It's sad that you are claiming to tell the news (with peoples lives sometimes in your hands) when you write a story. You are putting pictures of a man who is deceased claiming it to be someone else. That isn't Mr. Malone. Quit trying to link cases, and pictures without knowing facts. Both Malone cases you were trying to link, are wrong. It could hurt that boys family to see pictures of the deceased claiming to be Mr. Malone. I think you should take them down, and be sensitive to his family.

Johnny Northside said...

Who is this deceased individual in the pictures? Are the two top pictures, in fact, actually Haywood Eaton and NOT Denell Malone?

If you want me to make changes, give me evidence. Furthermore, I have no reason to doubt that Denell Malone, Jr. is the son of Dennel (two n's) Malone, the notorious gang banger.

If you say that it's not true, kindly tell me the evidence that says otherwise. OBVIOUSLY somebody whose last name has "Junior" after it has a father with the same name. Duh.

Jordan Proud said...

I LOVE that post by Anonymous that starts: "For those that want to know more about JNS...". This is the same smearing of a black kid who's been murdered using myspace pics with gang references. Remember Annshalike Hamilton? Boy did you bash the shit out of her for being "gang-affiliated" when she was found dead. The truth of the matter is this: KIDS ARE STUPID, AND TEND TO FOLLOW STUPID SCENES. Growing up in a suburb as a kid, I was attracted to the late 90s metal scene and acted/dressed like a badass metal kid who fought, used drugs, and was a punk. Now? I'm a normal guy in Jordan living a normal(ish) life who thinks I was a dumbass kid 10 yrs ago. Many of my black friends are also living a respectable life, but guess what? Most were "gang-affiliated" as teens and young men. But they grew up and moved on. They were indoctrinated by family members and friends and were stupid. True, some gang thugs stay gang thugs and its sad, but I believe many if not most grow up. Gangs in NOMI aren't usually big crime syndicates, they're a small group of kids here and there stupidly trying to define themselves. I think there's a good chance this kid could have been one of them. To the family I pray for you and I hope you never come across this blogsite because it will drive you crazy with rage, just as it did to Annshalike's family. JNS doesn't care about this murder, he cares about the popularity of his site (like a right-wing talk-show host spewing hate for ratings). Stick to what you know JNS.

World Is Flat said...

I guess I'm not getting a response from Anon @ October 9, 2009 3:12 PM...go figure...

By the way, I wanted to point out that it is rather common and well accepted practice to name criminal violators after an arrest and post-conviction. In fact, the MPD has an entire web page dedicated to pre- and post- convicted "Johns" (that would be those "vs. alledged John"):

Johnny Northside said...

I did not bash Annshalike Hamilton. I shed a light on what was going on there. Her murder is still unsolved and anybody who has information should go to the police.

Saying untrue things about a murder victim--the "straight A student" line--isn't going to help solve the murder. People need the truth, even if (as somebody put it so well) "the truth, she hurts."

Jordan Proud said...

Yeah, I agree. I'm not sure who wrote that one (straight A). She was A's and B's until the last full school year of her life and the 2 months before her death when she started hanging with the wrong crowd. I was talking about the immature myspace info of her's you posted. I wouldn't read too much into that kinda stuff, just like the pic of this deceased boy. I'm just saying you don't have an intimate understanding of how young black kids on the northside grow up, so you shouldn't make assumptions of their lives from a pic. What I DO think you understand is NOMI revitalization. All I'm saying is stick to that.

Anonymous said...

Jordan Proud-

'Scenes' are easy to get out of. There's no one holding you in it.

Gangs are another thing. I have yet to meet one person who has completely removed themselves from a gang. They may be out there - but the thing about gangs is that it's not a 'scene' - it's an orginization which does NOT want to let people go, in which many of it's members are almost brainwashed to NOT want to get out of.

To me, if you fall in with a gang.. you just don't fall out of it that easily. Stupid decisions that can ruin the rest of your life - like facial tattoos, abortions, or experimental drug use.

Anonymous said...

Look was he duece six yes, was this a situation of gang banging no! this was a dispute over a jeleous boy freind who who chose to jump Wood. he was a nice gentlemen so it is ok that we show the picture of him in a tux. Me personally I attend college and in a year I will have 2 degrees and will go to get my masters also but I still throw my hood high in the air it is what I live and die for. This was a tragic incident that I wish never happend he was my lil cousin. he did not drink smole weed nothing, his life was not about banging we would talk of career oprtunitys such as truck driving or him becoming a train conductor. we should focus more on the enviorment that is north mionneapolis we should focus on the creation of jobs around these urban centers. you know what killed the mafia, jobs opportunity and our black asses replacing them through sucession they no longer have a reason to be in the mob they have acess to resources. I do feel hat throuh the creation of jobs north minneapolis hell the whole metro area will see a true change. O yeah it is only a low murder rate because gangs are not at war and lets not be niave and call these gangs little start up either beacuse the crips bollds Gangster Deciples and vice lords all atarted with only a few people they ignored them diddnt change the conditions and now look at it.

Anonymous said...

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