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Extensive Criminal Complaint Documents Alleged Witness Tampering, Bloody War Between 1 9 Dipset And Tre Tre Crips Gang...

Ramondo Bumpus, fugitive, from a DOC mug shot, blog post by John Hoff

God knows I look at a lot of criminal complaints, and I've never seen the likes of this one. First of all, most criminal complaints are two pages at the most. This one is 14 pages.

The criminal complaint I have, click here for your very own copy, is against a guy named Hakeem Malik Dantae Flax, DOB 6/16/86, and alleged he engaged in two counts of accomplice after the fact, and two counts of witness tampering in the wake of a murder in 2006 of a guy named Christopher Lynch. (Flax is NOT pictured above, that's another guy involved in the plot, allegedly, whose name is Ramondo Bumpus)

Most of my readers probably caught wind of this story in the mainstream media, when indictments were announced against a whole slew of individuals for witness tampering, click here for online announcement by the prosecutor's office at the end of October. So there are apparently 10 criminal complaints that essentially outline the same facts of the murder of Lynch and witness tampering after the fact, years later.

Here's some background on the story.

In 2006, Christopher Lynch had the misfortunate of walking on the street with a cousin who was reportedly affiliated with the Tre Tre Crips gang, who are enemies of the 1 9 Dipset gang. (Note that it's "one nine," not "nineteen")

For the "crime" of walking on a public street with his gang-affiliated cousin, Lynch was...

...gunned down by Cornelius Henderson Jackson and Lamonte Rydell Martin, who were members of 1 9 Dipset. To be perfectly fair, I'm sure they were TRYING to hit the cousin but the marksmanship skills of Northside gang members have never been very good. Word is newly-elected state rep Raymond Dehn, a notorious thug hugger, is working on a program to help Northside gang members improve their marksmanship skills.

OK, that last sentence is parody, but would I put it past him? No.

Where were we? Oh, yeah...

Another guy named Jonard Brandon McDaniel was there with Martin and Jackson during the shooting of Lynch, according to the criminal complaint against. Lynch had been shot 11 to 14 times. At some point a body is such hamburger you just have to estimate, roughly, how many bullets passed through.

All three members of the 1 9 Dipset involved in the shooting that day (Martin, Jackson, and McDaniel) were sent to prison for life, though the court and appeals process was, in a word, extensive. And Martin allegedly took those extensive appeals a step further. According to the complaint against Martin (in which nine others are swept up) Martin and third parties used a combination of threat and reward against three witnesses to make them sign notarized documents recanting their testimony. Even Martin's own mother, Heidi Marie Mastin, (sic) is one of the individuals alleged to be involved in the witness tampering.

So far this blog post has simply covered the well-trod ground already covered by the press release by the county attorney and the subsequent mainstream media coverage. In fact, the criminal complaints for each of the criminal defendants can be found on the website of the Hennepin County Attorney, click here. 

But now it's time to dig deeper and see what other facts I can unearth that are associated with this incident.

First, an address. Malik Flax is listed at 1630 Upton Ave. N. This property is a rental owned by Daniel Johnson, 705 Valley Way, Hopkins, MN. It's on a list of foreclosures from 2010, click here. An entity called Cheshire Properties is listed at the same address. There is some indication that, at one time, this same "Dan Johnson" was on a zoning and planning commission in Hopkins.


Of the individuals indicted, six are already in prison. One of the defendants (Ramondo Rondell Bumpus, Jr. aka Ramondo Hadley) is listed as "address unknown." At the time the criminal complaint was issued, Bumpus had an active fugitive warrant. As of today it's still active. Here is his profile from the side.

Only Malik Flax and another defendant named Jesse Lewis Walker have standard addresses. As for Walker, his address is listed as 3010 Winnetka Ave. N. (Apartment?) 218, Crystal, Minnesota.

The criminal complaints also mention a laundry list of other names associated with the alleged witness tampering and intimidation, as follows.

* Paris Olhaida Perzo Patton, (6/21/87) was one of the individuals who tried to recant testimony, apparently as a result of threats and intimidation. There criminal complaint documents loose talk that Patton may have been involved in a murder.

* Brittany Michelle Franklin, DOB 2/26/86, involved in sending a money order, allegedly. Her address is reportedly 3130 Winnetka Ave. N., (Apartment?) 103, Crystal, MN. Franklin was the owner of a vehicle in which two members of the 1 9 gang were shot in Minneapolis on September 13, 2010.

* Tyrebi Leake, a prisoner who received a letter from Martin (the guy at the center of all the threats and intimidation) to get Paris Patton to recant testimony. There is quite a bit in the indictments about Leake's role as a go-between. One thing that's just fascinating is how many calls were recorded and how many letters, it appears, were copied. Did these prisoners not realize their communications weren't privileged? Did they think authorities just couldn't keep track of all the strands of the plot?

I mean ALLEGED plot.

* Leanna Dee Larson is mentioned as being involved by facilitating three way calls, repeatedly. She claims she didn't know what was being talked about.

These names will be enough to "feed the Googlebots" for now, but all of this information begs a few questions.

Witness intimidation happens all the time. Why the emphasis on this particular case? Is it simply because it's a post-conviction appeal? Is it because the plotting and planning by Martin (allegedly) is so intense and well-coordinated, at least by thug standards?

Or did some event draw this plot to the attention of authorities, and somebody in the prosecutor's office said, "By god, I'm going to get to the bottom of this if I have to kill twenty trees doing it"?

In the 14 pages of this criminal complaint I see evidence of extensive research, the kind that requires office space and photos pinned to cork board with lines of string illustrating the connections between alleged conspirators. I am, in a word, awed by the word done by the Hennepin County Prosecutor's office.

I hope there is a lesson learned by criminals from this indictment, and that lesson would be:

You can't use mail and phones to work little plots from prison. It would be better if you just curled up with your Bible and thought about what you did wrong instead of trying to continue criminal activities (allegedly) while you are incarcerated and everything is stacked against you. 

Look upon the example of Lamonte Rydell Martin and take heed, take warning, go forth and DO NOT DO LIKEWISE.



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So real question is what did Rondell Bumpus, Jr. had to do with any of this?

Anonymous said...

I looked online they say Rondell Bumpus is status is unknown and says "Wanted Fugitive" so is he out on the streets?

Johnny Northside! said...

Go read the criminal complaint linked to answer the question about what Bumpus (allegedly) had to do with this.

And, yes, he's apparently a fugitive as of the time I wrote this blog post and (I will take the word of the commenter who posted) as of today.

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Them dudes deserve everything they got coming for killing my cousin god bless his soul...

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So is Ramondo going to turn himself in and say he had nothing to do with this, and clear his good name?

(Sarcastic eye roll)

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(flips you the bird) your bout this when u find him why don't you ask him since u kno so fuckin much

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Ramondo Rondell Bumpus change of address notification!

Contact Ramondo care of Warden MNDOC/Rush City.