Friday, November 2, 2012

Police Reportedly Get Their Man Last Night At 33rd And Humboldt...

Photo and blog post by John Hoff

Last night around 9 PM, at least six squad cars converged at 33rd and Humboldt Avenues North, with police setting up a wide cordon over an area of several blocks. Police were seen combing a yard nearby and at least one police dog was involved in the action.

After a while, officers came walking up and stood talking near their squad cars, and a visibly excited police dog was put in the back of the K9 unit. One male officer could be seen engaged in what seemed a dramatic "reenactment" of recent events, showing how he (or another officer) had pointed a rifle and some words were spoken. This blogger approached asked what was up and one female officer said, in an apologetic tone, that due to "privacy concerns" they couldn't speak.

I asked if there was anybody "senior" who could tell me anything about what was up and a male police officer, tall, with very short blond hair perhaps in his 40s said, "A guy ran. We helped catch him."

It's hard not to assume the action last night at 33rd and Humboldt was some kind of spillover from a shooting incident around 3:44 AM that same morning which was mentioned on the Facebook group Police Clips as follows.  Note the incident on the 3300 block of Girard Ave. N. would be just a block from the 3300 block of Humboldt Ave. N.

Police Clips · 6,816 like this
Yesterday at 3:44am · 
  • Mpls Police and Fire, along with EMS, are responding to a shooting at 33xx Girard Ave N. Shot Spotter picked up shots and it sounds like as MPD arrived to investigate they got the 911 Call of a Victim hit multiple times. (Possibly non-life threatening)


Anonymous said...

I don't think the 33/humboldt "run and catch" incident is "related" to the 33/girard shooting incident, because that would be an awfully long time to run around one block area.... but..... I beleive it's related in such a way that it's been awfully awfully thuggy around that area lately.

God Bless MPD.

"Get 'em boys!"

Anonymous said...

It's been no picnic on the South side of Jordan Park either!

Anonymous said...

True that 8:11

Anonymous said...

I live 3 blocks away had a bullet go through our side window through an open door and into a wall which my sister was sleepin on the other side of the wall its crazy to me that people just run around shootin not thinking of the random people they could be harming like a mother of 4 like my sister or one of the small children that live in this house..I hope and pray the victim is ok an recovers quickly and I hope the senseless person who thinks its ok to be running around shootin guns is caught even tho I know the probability is slim to none....