Thursday, November 22, 2012

Northside Revitalization Progress At The Old Butter Roll Bakery...

Photo by Eric Johnson of Irving Inquisition, blog post by John Hoff

The old Butter Roll Bakery on West Broadway, which was purchased recently by Charmaine Wahlstrom, saw some exterior brickwork done around November 16 as documented in the photo above. Northside resident Eric Johnson, commenting on the popular North Talk Facebook forum, said, "(The) timing seems strange, but I'll take it. Progress is progress."

Fifteen hours ago as I write these words, Wahlstrom posted a picture on Facebook showing the old Butter Roll sign was down...

This sign apparently hung in that location since the place opened as the Butter Roll Bakery many years ago. It will be very odd to drive by and not see that sign.

The plan for the building appears to be "coffee shop, music, art and office space."

Here are some links about the history of the building, as documented by this blogger.

* The building was the legendary birthplace of "Dessert With Don" as City Council Member Don Samuels had a "come to Jesus" meeting with slumlord Morris Klock, and Klock arrived firmly in the hands of the devil.

* Here's more about the lawsuit filed by Morris Klock, including some images of the old Butter Roll Bakery, click here. 

* In December of 2010, this blog documented their "early hours and great jelly rolls," click here.

* It was in July of this year that I wrote about the change in ownership, which took place in the wake of a terrible tragedy, click here.

This blog is excited about the progress I'm seeing so far, and looking forward to more reports of progress. 

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