Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Whatever Became Of Good Old Thomas Wayne Evenstad, The "Chat Line Rapist" Who Used To Work For Attorney Jill Clark? Hold On To Your Shorts, Readers!

DOC mug shot, therefore public domain, blog post by John Hoff blogging from an election night party 

My thanks to an anonymous commenter who dropped a little nugget of information about Thomas Wayne Evenstad, the convicted "chat line rapist" who is now running his own "consulting" enterprise to assist individuals detained under Sexual Violent Predator laws and (this is NOT written in the parody font) describes himself on Linked In as the inventor of a type of boxer shorts "perfect for men with light to moderate incontinence" as well as other medical issues. 

Evenstad first turned up in my world as a minor character dubbed "The Beltless Beta Male." He was a pleasant, overly-smiling assistant to notoriously loony attorney Jill Clark during the "True JACC" case involving leadership of the Jordan Area Community Council. One day Evenstad appeared in court without a belt and kept hitching up his pants like Gomer Pyle. Due to his bowing and scraping deference to Jill Clark plus his aforementioned beltlessness, I dubbed him the "Beltless Beta Male" and the nickname stuck, as my nicknames often do.

Here's what I wrote about Evenstad back in June of 2009. 

In retrospect, it was eerily prescient...

That pretty much wrapped things up for the day, with the hearing resuming the next day, Wednesday. Jill Clark's long-suffering assistant--the "beltless Beta male"--arrived early and waited at the door of the court room. Once again, he didn't have a belt. I was dumbfounded by this. I mean, I can understand misplacing your belt one day and not having it, but now he was wearing a DIFFERENT PAIR OF PANTS. Surely he had a belt, somewhere? Why would he NOT have a belt? What awful things happen if he shows up with a belt? Do I want the truth? Can I HANDLE the truth?

Later, during the period of time I was being sued by Jill Clark and still in the early stages of that lawsuit I was (per the advice of my first attorney) being very careful what I wrote about Clark, Jerry Moore and others peripheral to the issues in the lawsuit. But then I found out Evenstad was the "chat line rapist."

So I wrote a blog post about Evenstad but didn't mention he was working for Clark. I invited others to guess about what he was doing and finally Nomi Passenger (Megan Goodmundson) guessed correctly.

Later, I heard unconfirmed information Evenstad was no longer working for Jill Clark. But what was he doing? It appears we now have an answer. Evenstad is offering himself as a consultant to individuals detained under Sexually Violent Predator laws, as well as to lawyers, expert witnesses, evaluators, etcetera. His consulting entity is named SVP Consultation, a name that is truer than true. After all, Evenstad is a Sexually Violent Predator and he's offering himself up as a consultant.

"SVP Consultation," get it? Consult with the SVP.

Hopefully before spending their hard-earned money on Evenstad's "consultation," potential clients would first take a look at the rantings and ravings published on "Tom Evenstad Was Wrongly Convicted." Using the same blogspot platform as this blogger (blogspot is nothing if not a democratic free speech free-for-all, and also it's free) Evenstad trashes police, the justice system, and his victims by name; right down to describing in detail his twisted version of sexual encounters.

There is also a "cached version" of Evenstad's blog which an alert reader sent me, click here. I haven't made a detailed comparison between the current online version versus the cached version to see if there are any differences.

So exactly how sick and crazy is Thomas Wayne Evenstad? An article on KARE 11 from 2006 will give you some idea, click here. 

My favorite part is this sentence:

Evenstad believes the reason the woman wants him to remain behind bars is that once he's out and takes what is called a brain fingerprinting exam it will clear him of raping the woman.

Uh huh. Brain fingerprinting exam. (Finger pointed at head, swirly motion)

Get out your tinfoil hats, folks, the kooky mind waves coming up this guy could fry your cerebral cortex if you're facing forward. 


Anonymous said...

According to that KARE link, Attorney Jill Clark represented this guy at the time it was posted in 2006.

Johnny Northside! said...

Yes. And in 2009 during the JACC case, he was working for her.

Now it seems he doesn't.

Good career move, I might add.

Tom Evenstad said...

Hi John
It's the Beltless Beta Male. So,it's okay for you to "trash" police, your actual/real victims, and the "system", but I can't although I have the same Civil Rights as you do? Sounds like an Equal Protection issue to me genius. My Civil Rights have been restored John, and if knew how to read a Law Journal (oh wait, TWO RECENT ones are on my Blog from Utah and Penn State mentioning the case name of my Wrongful Conviction you would see my sole "sex offense" conviction is on very thin ice indeed, Johnny Boy, and that Thin Ice is cracking. Go ahead, look it up (Evenstad v Carlson) or have your "attorney" friend(s) handle your light work, Domestic Abuser Hoff. Bet you voted for Romney. BTW: Thanks for the plugs for my website. The MN [SVP] attorneys need help. That's why the 400 "perverts" (as you called the post-Dru Hostages who do not remotely meet Crane commitment requirements as set forth by the SCOTUS) may just yet be fulfilling your Self-Fulfilled Prophecy...I believe your blog post said something about them pouring through the barb wire and into your neighborhood. If and when that happens, you will whine and want protection from the very same Hennepin County ISR Agents that you publicly "trash", when in fact they do an incredible job with few resources. Why don't you take up a local cause that would benefit your neighborhood: LOBBY and BLOG for the CAUSE of MORE FUNDING and RESOURCES for the ISR UNIT in HENN CTY and ALL COUNTIES STATEWIDE. I publicly challenge you to a public debate around any issue(s)you choose. P.S. Thanks for the plugs for my websites! Next?

Johnny Northside! said...

How glad I am you've embraced your nickname and your beltlessness.

It's funny how you mention Evenstad v. Carlson as though that went your way. It didn't go your way. Here's the case.


While I have you on the line, could you explain what is "brain fingerprinting?"

If and when you answer, please remember...

Paragraph breaks. Makes for much easier reading of your sentences, which are loony to begin with. For example, "Post-Dru hostages?"

I know what that means because I am all-too-familiar with the case of Dru Sjodin, but readers may require some further explanation.

By the way, got any good insight about what the heck is happening with Jill Clark?

Johnny Northside! said...

I guess I have more to add, as follows:

Not only did Evenstad v. Carlson not go your way, but I don't see any evidence you currently have anything in the courts challenging your conviction. Do you? If so, cite the case and the case number? Otherwise STFU about your conviction being on "thin ice."

Where is this "thin ice" of which you speak about your conviction? You think it's just going to go away because you blogged stuff about it on your crazy blog?

Here's what Evenstad V. Carlson says right at the top of the case:

Thomas Wayne Evenstad was convicted in Minnesota state court of first and third degree criminal sexual conduct for the rape of eighteen-year-old H.S. Evenstad's direct appeal and petition for post-conviction relief were denied. Evenstad appealed the denial of his petition to the Minnesota Court of Appeals, which was denied.

He next petitioned the Minnesota Supreme Court, which denied his petition for review. He thereafter petitioned the federal district court1 for habeas relief under 28 U.S.C. § 2254. The district court dismissed the petition. This court granted a certificate of appealability on two issues. For the reasons discussed below, we affirm the district court.

Thin ice? Point to the thin ice.

Tom Evenstad said...

Hi John

You wish to engage. Okay John. Let's have a chat (pardon pun punk)wherin you get a little education from the BBM:

1) Here is your precious Para break. Happy? First of all, one of the many appellate actions I undertook after wrongful conviction resulted in a case name of Evenstad v Carlson. The court decision was incorrect, and the Law Journals I mentioned are pointing directly at my case in the context of wrongful conviction and False Testimony. Hap Kip explain what the Law Journals mean if you are not able to read, comprehend and/or extrapolate.

2) My case is not before the courts agin yet because I do not want it in front of the courts until my reinvestigation is completed and my legal team and I feel that the timing is right to challenge the conviction.

3) Google Brain Fingerprinting and Dr. Lawrence Farwell. It exists. Ask WDIO news in Duluth for their archive story of me in Moose Lake and Mr. Undrewood interviewed me and it was the Lead story in Duluth/Northern MN many years ago. Contact Reuben Rosario--a real journalist--and ask him for a copy of his 2004 Brain Fingerprinting Article he did on me in the St Paul Pioneer Press.

3) You bullying me and telling me to STFU will not dissuade me Johnny Boy, as I have had real bullies and real threats try to silence me from many years. You would not have lasted one day in prison. You would've been a real Northside *iggas *itch and we both know it.

4) As for Clark, since your descriptors of me (despite not knowing me or the circumstances or facts involving my wrongful conviction)have been abusive, (Not surprising since you are a Domestic Offender) slanderous, and defamatory, I will defer at present with sharing the GoldMine of Knowledge I have in that direction.

5) Are you going to cower in shame at my PUBLIC challenge to debate you on any subject arguably relevant to you targeting now? Or is our Big, Stong, Brilliant Champion of the People and Afghan War Vet going to stand up and accept my challenge and get the debate going forward?

6) You would not answer my prompt to you about your Vote yesterday. C'mon John, admit you voted for the two white guys...show your true colors Johnny Boy Lol.

Anonymous said...

What about Case No. 27-CR-97-043884?

What was the nature of the "disorderly conduct" which according to the online records apparently led to a guilty plea?

Anonymous said...

Check this out:


Anonymous said...

Post-Dru? As in the same vein as Post-Katrina, Post-Sandy? Dru Sjodin did nothing to you, she suffered under the disgusting hands of your ilk and in true sociopathic fashion you blame the victim instead of the perpetrator for your deserved punishment.

Where are the marmot-wielding nihilists when you need them?

Johnny Northside! said...

To the commenter at 7:13.

It is infuriating to even know his predatory sex offender hands are even typing Dru's name.

Johnny Northside! said...

Responding to Thomas W. Evenstad, the Beltless Beta Male, point by point as follows.

1.) Why did you capitalize "para?" Also, Mr. Consultant, perhaps you should learn to spell 25 cent words like "wherein" before you toss them around.

2.) Bullshit detector is going off so loud that my eardrums hurt.

3.) In regard to brain fingerprinting, I did look it up and the science seems mostly theoretical with very limited admissions in court proceedings. Fascinating, though.


My goodness, where are you going to get the money to have yourself subjected to this cutting edge scientific brain fingerprinting? From selling all those boxer shorts? Or is your family just rolling in dough? One hears things.

3.) I am putting point number 3 again to use your crazy numbering system. Did you learn your numbering system from Jill Clark?

But in response to your point. How I would do in prison is not of concern to me since I don't, for example, meet young women on chat lines and commit rape.

4.) Funny how you keep throwing that "domestic offender" thing around. Consider. Here's me, the guy who had a minor roommate conflict. The roommate agreement was at an end (it was limited to begin with) and we weren't getting along. I wanted her out, out, out. Something was filed (apparently for purposes of delaying matters) but never served and the whole thing, legally, is a non-event.

Now there's YOU. Famously convicted of being the chat line rapist, but you say it's all wrongful. But you have the nerve to say I'm guilty of something based on a legal non-event.

Your skewed and screwed up deviant thought process is apparent for all to see, Chat Line Rapist.

As for a purported gold mine of knowledge about Clark, your close association with that notorious legal loon isn't exactly to your credit. I find out all I need about Clark just by looking up court information online...a papery trail of personal and career destruction. A sad cautionary tale for the ages.

5.) We are debating right now. So why would I need to meet you? That might involve having to be polite and shake your hand. God only knows where that hand has been and what it has done.

6.) I voted for the Green Party like I've been doing for most of my adult life. Even if I recently dropped out of the Green Party I still reserve the right to refuse to buy into the two party system bill of goods, at least when it comes to the presidential race.

But I'm glad Obama won and I hope the Number 2 man in al-Qeada is soon just as dead as Osama bin Laden.

I also wrote in Clark's nemesis Gildea over and over for any judge position where there wasn't an incumbent running.

Anonymous said...

Lemme guess: Spanky Pete is helping with your "reinvestigation."

I too await your explanation to the JNS blog readers just what you mean by "post Dru hostages." Do be complete, so as not to conflict with what you have already blogged on the Sjodin case.

Tom Evenstad said...

Ah, the venomous hue and cry from the ignorant villagers. I find the "Anonomous" commenter's mindset facinating in suggesting and/or demanding that I owe the JNS readers an "explanation" about anything...highly amusing. :)

John, since you have publicly refused my TWO offers to PUBLICLY DEBATE (get this all out in the open )in public, on camera and have a friendly but lively little debate about who is the woman hater and abuser/offender, how I was the one who sounded the warning to DOC and the Gov that would answer your burning (as in Witch Hunt Lol)questions re Dru and any other issues else that floats your little cyber bully boat you can talk among yourselves. John, you will hide behind your computer and by doing that you control what is "said", and no one can engage your feeble intellect and soundly defeat you in a public debate. Control. Another hallmark of the Domestic Abuser. You are in serious DENIAL, Johnny Boy. Alleging that your conciction for Domestic Abuse is a "non-legal" or such nonsense defeats the point. YOU CAN'T SEE IT BUT A NORMAL PERSON WOULD: YOU HAVE ZERO SENSE OF EMPATHY/SYMPATHY FOR THE FEMALE VICTIM IN YOUR CASE. YOUR MINIMIZATION OF HER VICTIMIZIZATION IS INDICATIVE OF THE SEVERE DEGREE OF YOUR PATHOLOGY.

Keep up your cyber assault, cyber bully. Please keep building my libel/defamation case vs you and please keep generating publicity for my causes.

That is the best thing you can do for me and to help me get the word out about my wrongful conviction. Thanks Johnny Boy!

I'll talk through my own blog(s).

Buh bye, Johnny Boy...

Anonymous said...

I understand what This guy is trying to say about Post Dru hostages. Since Alphonso Rodriguez, the State has opened literal floodgates for SDP/SPP civil commits. The pressure from the public to keep these offenders out of the community and political involvement muddied the waters. At a significant cost to the taxpayers, many were committed on rather loose grounds with little to no chance of getting released. The premise that these offenders would get treatment was almost abandoned. Even though people refuse to accept fact, treatment does work and there are alternatives to lifelong commits ( we will leave legal arguments of whether this is proper out for now). Lower cost alternatives in the community while keeping tabs on offenders is a reality over warehousing. Many of the offenders in MSOP should not be there. A fair number where successful while under supervision but political action led to petitions and commit. Sadly, if some action is not taken, the program could be scaled back or shut down. Would you rather have offenders under some community restrictions of just walk out completely free men? I would not use a term such as hostages but do agree that MSOP is grossly overused and gives little incentive for someone to ever be discharged. I would also opine that the taxpayers cannot continue to fund the program at current levels much less future levels.

Johnny Northside! said...

Tom Evenstad, any information you have that I was ever convicted of domestic violence or even CHARGED with such a thing is simply made up and wrong and I think somewhere in the depths of your sick little mind you know that, just like somewhere in the depths of your sick little mind you know you are the Chat Line Rapist and deserve every day, every hour you did in prison and, the truth be told, probably more.

Funny how you go around accusing innocent people of the very thing you did and you are. Guilty conscience? My goodness, Tom, what you have done to that name of Evenstad, all by yourself. Is your family proud of you?

Tom Evenstad said...

Ok, Mr. Hoff, so now you are innocent of being a woman basher and a woman hater. Gee...okay, why don't you call some more females societal victims prostitutes and whores, and let's have real journalist get Tina's take on all this. It also looks like you were dragged through Court repeatedly to get you to man up and take responsibility for your spawn via child support in addition to being a domestic offender.

The anon commentator is seeing things correctly, and the reason I use the "hostage" moniker is that nearly every man sent to the dungeon after Rodriguez was let out scot free does not meet the stringent SDP/SPP commitment criteria, thus making those sex offenders INNOCENT or NOT GUILTY of meeting the criteria set forth in Kansas v Crane, but MN hasn't followed the law of the land in this area since the Sjodin murder I tried to prevent from behind bars as a falsely labeled sex offender.

You don't like being called domestic abuser and I don't like being called the names you have been calling me. I have one CSC conviction in he-said/she-said. I am challenging the conviction John. I was NEVER CHARGED myself with any sex related crimes beyond this one false allegation turned conviction.

You have your causes John and I have mine. I have a constitutional right to pursue my search for truth and justice in my own case.

You chose to blow me up on your bully blog and disparage me and slander me and defame me. Those were your decisions. Take Care

Anonymous said...

GAWD I really hate the internet sometimes. Namely because the web allows a delusional, convicted rapist like Evanstad to believe he can dismiss law abiding citizens who rightly question his usage of insulting phrases like "Post-Dru." How about using Post-Rodriguez instead? Ah, but not only would make much more sense, to attach the vermin's name to a description of sex offender supervision, but Evanstad's creation and use of the victim-based terminology outs him as the selfish woman/victim-hater he truly is. Which is probably why he instead accuses Hoff of that very behavior and then retreated to his own blog to keep control of the conversation.

Evanstad, consider yourself lucky to have internet privileges at all after using social media to lure your victim. If this were my decision, you'd be without a computer, phone or nutsack.

Johnny Northside! said...

To Tom Evenstad, the Chat Line Rapist:

Well, there's a basis to what you're being called in this thread (chat line rapist) whereas the stuff you're throwing at me is contrived and without effect.

But if you want to actually have some kind of debate about sex offender issues, without either of us constantly resorting to ad hominem attacks, then show yourself capable of such discourse and we can continue to talk.

I actually have an interesting idea about helping Level Three sex offenders other than my usual "get them the hell out of North Minneapolis" rhetoric. If you can show yourself capable of engaging like a smart person, we can have some kind of discussion. Otherwise, you will start to become really lucky if I will even publish your comments.

Furthermore, you are not to even MENTION Dru Sjodin as part of this discussion, should you choose to engage. I can mention her name. You can't. You can, instead, say post-Rodriguez if you feel like having a discussion about THAT.

Anonymous said...

You didn't approve MY comments?? I made two very good and fair observations and you deleted the comments anyway.
I used to think the troll crowd was a little extreme and unfair but, after this post and your follow up remarks, along with not approving my comments, well the troll group has just added a new member.
You are a true coward.

Anonymous said...

To the pervert whos mother branded him Tom; you have joined my"LIST" you molesting,raping, piece of shit and i know you from the past in north minneapolis.
Tread lightly and stay tuned, Tommy boy, the ghosts of Ascension are ashamed of you and my voices say i must take care of business. It is a shame for you that you have no idea who is watching.......you.

Anonymous said...

This is one creepy looking proto-type pervert out of the Ted Bundy and Richard Speck mold. His face should be in some illustrated dictionary next to serial-sexual psychopath.

Johnny Northside! said...

How oddly, creepily happy he looks. But if you REALLY want to see a creepy picture, it's the one on his SVP Consultation website.

He looks like he's trying to decide whether to eat you or rape you. Then there's this little flash of contentment, of happy realization that he can live in a perfect little psychopathic world and have BOTH.

Anonymous said...

Tom Evenstad's comments seems typical of one in legal denial of a valid conviction. So sad.

Was he or wasn't he convicted of CSC (aks rape)? Answer: Yes. Was a chatline used to commit the crime? Answer: Yes. Did you see his comment: You would've been a real Northside *iggas *itch and we both know it."

How about "Racist Chatline Rapist" (RCR) for a nickname for THAT convicted FELON.

Good luck with the law suit RCR. We know the Attorney of the Damned won't be your lawyer. Warning: pro se may get you Rule 9 status like Spanky.

Anonymous said...

My fair observation (suggesting that the allegations against Tom may be false) was not published either.

Anonymous said...

Does this guy live in North Mpls or something? What's the relevance to No-Mi revitalization?

Anonymous said...

Satisfied Supportboxer customer and fellow L3SO The Jesus demonstrates the versatility of the inner brief as a bowling ball polisher.


Manufacture recommends single-ball use only.

Johnny Northside! said...

To the commenter whose comment I rejected about where is the First Amendment...

The First Amendment exists in my right to publish what I please, and associate with who I please, which means I will reject your stupid comments if I please.

On another note...

Check out this Star Tribune article about victims of Bernie Madoff.


Some of those victims are here in Minnesota and named Evenstad. Is there a connection with "Tommy Boy" or not?

Also, can anybody tell me if Tommy Boy is on any kind of probation or supervision?

Johnny Northside! said...

Here's a link to a fascinating court case involving Tom Evenstad.

While in prison, Evenstad wrote a letter to the editor of the Prison Mirror in response to an article that was published about an incarcerated sex offender. Evenstad was sued for writing the letter but the lawsuit was not successful.


Johnny Northside! said...

Just for the completeness of this chat thread as a historical repository of information:

Thomas Wayne Evenstad, date of birth 7/15/1965.

Johnny Northside! said...

Here's info about his patent, Boxer Short with integrated liner containing a double fly.


It's truly fascinating to read the patent and all the stuff it says about male genitals.

Johnny Northside! said...

Teventerprises LLC is Evenstad's limited liability corporation. Here's its registered address.

4371 Wilshire Blvd #B-108
Mound MN 55364

Judging by the address I thought it might be a Mailboxes USA or something but, oh heck, it's a CONDO BABY.

Anonymous said...

tommy, tommy, don't be blue cuz i will keep my eye on you.tommy, tommy what a perv,whom i'm about to throw a curve. tommy,tommy what a liar, glad to see you're on Wilshire.
i'll have to drop by when i'm in the neighborhood. Say, do you still like model airplanes? I have a belt for you also. :(

Anonymous said...

Tom, give it a rest. John Hoff is a sociopath. He thrives on your comments. He feel emasculated from the hurt, harm, and misery he inflicts on others. He is a stalker worse then any L3SO you could possibly imagine.
Don't be baited by his trolling behavior.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you ever allow the posts that are critical of your grammar? You're that self-conscious, are you?

Johnny Northside! said...

To the commenter at 7:31 PM, it's pretty obvious from the context of your sentence that you don't actually know what the word "emasculated" means. It means the very opposite of the way you are using it.

Ask the Beltless Beta Male what "emasculated" means. He, of all people, has a good idea.

Tom Evenstad said...

Yes I do. The likes of little bitches like Stu Shapiro, Gary C. Cayo, Aaron Gardner and you BYATCH! Lol