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Two Years Since The Death Of Major Topps, And Big Talking Blogger Don Allen Still Hasn't Delivered The Answers He Promised...

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Two years ago to this very day, I wrote about the death of Major Topps on my blog and suggested now public discussion could begin about this man including widespread rumors about him in the community which had crystallized in a nickname for the man, a not-quite-tongue-in-cheek play on words with his name.


Shortly before the death of Major Topps, there was an incredibly odd assault which took place in a church. I did what I could to dig up information about that, click here and also here. I wanted the full story to be told and I didn't care who told it, this blog or some other media. So I was happy to publish something about how Paul Walsh of the Star Tribune said, "If people will go on the record about Major Topps, I will talk to them..."

One particularly annoying aspect of this story is blogger Don Allen's role. In his typical grandiose way, Allen announced (click here) he would be getting answers about Major Topps death and "issues" surrounding the death. Allen mentioned he would get help from the "National Research Institute" in this quest for answers.

(Putting my hand to my face to hide a smile)

What is this National Research Institute? What is its relationship to the so-called International Business News Network, which is...

...Don Allen's ridiculously overblown name for whatever it is Don Allen does. (I label what he does as "shakedown blogging") Will this alleged research institute be looking into why Don Allen writes so badly?

In any case, it's been two years since the death of Major Topps. I didn't observe last year's anniversary because I was busy in Afghanistan. But I intend to observe the anniversary of his death every year and ask aloud for some kind of answers.

It appears Franklin Rich was never charged in this incident, based upon a review of online Minnesota Court records. And I am not suggesting Rich should have been charged. I would just really love to know why Franklin Rich was beating Topps with a folding chair inside a church (reportedly) and what else Franklin Rich and others know about Major Topps in regard to the "whispers of long duration." 

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