Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Criminal Complaint For Eric Paul Boone, Who Allegedly Crippled A Toddler, GUESS WHICH SLUMLORD BOONE BELONGS TO AS A TENANT, ALLEGEDLY? I Will Give You A Clue, It Starts With Steven F. Meldahl...

Stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

Numerous mainstream media entities have published details about the horrific crime allegedly committed by Eric Paul Boone: crippling a girl aged 21 months.

Somewhere amid the scores of stories, some news entity may have made the criminal complaint available to readers but, if so, I haven't run across it. For those interested, click here for your own copy.

The address listed on the criminal complaint is...

...2414 Logan Ave. N., a property owned by notorious slumlord Steven F. Meldahl.

Legally, I'm sure Meldahl isn't in any way responsible for Eric Boone growing frustrated with a toddler and allegedly throwing the child so hard she was crippled for life. But morally, Meldahl has been involved in concentrating poverty and misery, making that poverty and misery more deadly and potent.

At a moral level, Steve Meldahl can look himself in the mirror and know, "But for my actions, that child probably wouldn't have been hurt in that way."

In fact, the criminal complaint goes into considerable detail about the many people "related and unrelated" who were all living in that house.

Eric Boone will probably pay a terrible price for what he's accused of doing. But Steve Meldahl will just keep right on collecting rent checks. 


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Chuck said...

Steven meldal is evil. He admitted he don't care. Any ideas on what can be done about him ?