Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tarey Marquan Hill Brought Stolen St. Paul Car To North Minneapolis, Allegedly...

Stock photo, mortar test fire on a hill in Paktia Province, Afghanistan,
blog post by John Hoff

If I could write all the livelong day about arrested people named "Hill," I would never get desperate to find some kind of creative stock photo. I have an endless supply of images of dry, dusty hills and snowy hills and hills seen from aircraft, and hills morphing into mountains and snowy mountains tumbling valleyward to become brown, grassy foothills.

I'm just saying.

This is a follow up to yesterday's post about Tarey Marquan Hill, who seems to be racking up all kinds of criminal charges lately. In fact, he's in so much hot water that when I went looking for a criminal complaint about an auto theft arrest in North Minneapolis, instead I turned up a criminal complaint about BURGLARY.

But the auto theft complaint was still (as the X Files would say) "out there," and now it has come into my hands.

Click here for THAT criminal complaint.

According to the complaint, Hill (whose address is listed as 43 8th Ave. S. in Hopkins) was driving in a careless manner when MPD Officer Abduhlkadir ran the plate. (SSU684) The license plate check revealed the car had been recently stolen in St. Paul so a felony traffic stop was made...

After being read his rights, Hill tried to say a mysterious female he had only just met named "Ericka" had loaned him the car.

(Parody sentences, below)

Ericka is believed to be a member of the Hot Car Cult, a mysterious satanic group that accumulates brownie points with their dark deity by stealing cars and then loaning the cars to young, innocent men. But I know the truth, Tarey Hill, and I will never stop working to free you. In the meantime, I know the name of a great lawyer (if she manages to keep her law license) who believes your story and can help you. 


Anonymous said...

I had a dog named terry that would mark on hills all the time,big deal

Johnny Northside! said...

Information that came my way says this guy also goes by Tarey Marquan Hamilton-Hill.