Tuesday, November 6, 2012

JNS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Parole Officers Were Warned To Avoid West Broadway During Funeral For Victor T. Gaddy...

Contributed photo, "Be Safe From Gunfire Wear Blaze Orange," blog post by
John Hoff

Victor T. Gaddy, who died in a blaze of police gunfire in St. Paul, was laid to rest on November 2 after a funeral at Shiloh Temple on West Broadway. The day before the funeral, an "advisory" email went around to probation officers.

The email speaks for itself and was as follows...

Good afternoon, I am writing to caution all of our PO's to be extra aware and vigilant if you are going to be in North Minneapolis on Friday of this week. The reason being is the funeral for a high profile gang member of the Gangster Disciples will be FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2 at Shiloh Temple on W. Broadway. 

The visitation is scheduled from 10-11AM with funeral immediately after. MPD has a strategic plan in place and there will be a heavy law enforcement presence. Everyone needs to keep their eyes and ears open to ensure we are all safe. Please, if you are going to North Mpls Friday for home visits, community contacts or staffings, make your supervisor and coworkers aware of where you will be and when you plan on returning. 

 Please be safe.

The content of the email was forwarded to a few other folks outside the probation office and eventually made its way to this blogger. 


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous like a JNS source said...

I talked to a probation supervisor who told me this post is 100% fabrication.

Anonymous said...

And I can assure you, as someone with firsthand knowledge, that the e-mail is 1000% authentic and came from Division Manager Brian Kopperud.

Brian Kopperud said...

Dear Mr. Hoff,

Any email you supposedly received from my office stating what's on your blog is false.

Keep up the good work.

Brian Kopperud

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

i'll take the Gand members ethnic cleansing since john is already covering the other base werever he lives.