Friday, December 21, 2012

Intense Baby Mama Drama Leads To Birthday Party Knife Throwing Incident, JNS Blog Urges Mercy For Amanda Marie Butcher...

Stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

CBS news already did a story about this incident, "Cops: Father Stabbed By Daughter's Mother At Child's Birthday Party." 

I would, however, quibble with the word "stabbed." The knife was thrown (allegedly) and caused a puncture wound on the victim's leg.

"Stabbed" doesn't really cover this kind of sheer ninja knife-throwing skill. Check out the criminal complaint, click here.

This was a case of intense baby mama drama. Readers want and demand more than the bare details provided by CBS. Here is the colorful blog version...

It was May 12 and already the streets of North Minneapolis were heating up like it was summer. Cops arrived at 3442 Russell Ave. N. in response to a call of domestic violence. The victim, a man named KDC (if you can call him a "man" when he didn't even marry the mother of his child) came walking down the front steps of the house, holding a leg wound, blood running.

"SHE STABBED ME!" he yelled at officers.

By "she" he meant the appropriately named Amanda Marie BUTCHER.

As for this notion she "stabbed" him, well, it was really more like she threw a number of objects at KDC when he showed up late to his three-year-old daughter's birthday party. Furthermore, Amanda Butcher was allegedly intoxicated. So imagine what kind of knife throwing skill she has when she's allegedly sober. The only thing that stopped the array of objects being thrown was Butcher's current boyfriend, who restrained her.

Notably, the knife in question was just a steak knife. It wasn't a BUTCHER knife, except in the sense it was possessed (momentarily, before being hurled) by Amanda Marie Butcher.

There are a number of important facts missing from the complaint. Was KDC current on his child support? (Contributing circumstances, Your Honor, emotional duress by defendant who is saddled with the responsibility of the young child) Did KDC bring his child a good present or did he just, like, show up late hoping to get some cake?

And if Butcher goes to jail, who is going to take care of the three-year-old daughter? The current boyfriend? The guy yelling "SHE STABBED ME" when, really, what he means is "she threw a steak knife and, look here, the tip went into my leg!!!!!"

Baby mamas aren't the only ones capable of too much DRAMA.

I'm just saying.

Mercy. JNS Blog urges mercy for Amanda Marie Butcher, and maybe some kind of chemical dependency counseling. 


Anonymous said...

And if Butcher goes to jail, who is going to take care of the three-year-old daughter?

Hopefully someone who doesn't have unprotected sex without a commitment, won't get drunk at the 3 year olds party, and isn't prone to throwing knifes.

Well, I guess that narrows it down to about 99% of the rest of society who would make better parents. Just pick one.

Anonymous said...

Lizzie Borden.

Anonymous said...

What did child support have to do with ANYTHING?? Your stories are irrelevant to ANYONES life and your an old stuck up cunt. Go take care of your family and stop worrying about "KDC"!