Friday, April 20, 2012

JNS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Facebook Images, Social Connections Of Donquarius Copeland, Accused Of Killing Rayjon Gomez, Age 13...

Image from the Facebook profile of "Slipknot YnT," used under First Amendment fair comment and criticism, blog post by John Hoff

In my previous blog post, I went to the Facebook profile of accused child murderer Donquarius Copeland, known on facebook as BD DQ YnT.

Now I am systematically trying to find images and info about Donquarius Copeland by scrutinizing the profiles of his friends. Keep in mind Copeland allegedly murdered Rayjon Gomez on the same day Copeland started his Facebook profile.

One of Copeland's first Facebook friends was "Slipknot YnT." Currently, there is very little info on Slipknot's profile, but the profile picture shows Copeland's mugshot. Looking through Slipknot's photos...

I found the image above, which appears to have been taken at the same gathering as some images appearing on Donquarius Copeland's profile. Copeland is in the back, middle.

Rahmi Fck'n Lord is another profile that seems to figure prominently in Copeland's social circle. Rahmi does not make his photo albums public, however, he helpfully lists his interests as ALL I KNO IS SMOKE WEED ROB STEAL N SELL DOPE ROLL DICE GET MONEY N GANG BANG WIT MY FOLKS.

On the profile of Jazzy Bad Mcraven, I found this image, below, of Donquarius Copeland.

Copeland is on the far left. I can be very sure this image is Copeland, because it has been helpfully tagged with "BD DQ YnT." Same story with the photo below.

The image below doesn't have Copeland helpfully tagged, but somebody named Davarreo Allen commented on the photo: DQ I LOVE YOU LIL BRO

Donquarius can be identified in this photo, wearing the same hat and shirt as the previous photo. This is a "mirror image" photo. Note the backwards lettering on the hate.

And another from the same series.

Another Facebook friend of Donquarius Copeland is one Mashawn Moore. And here's where things get tricky. One of Moore's albums contains a photo of Rayjon Gomez, the (alleged) victim of Donquarius Copeland. It's a photo I've published before here on Johnny Northside Dot Com, but here it is, again, below.

Several people commented on the photo in Moore's album. One commenter was Chief Chuck Got-Hoess Smith, who wrote, "Look at my nigga rayjon rip n look even got on the express cardigan I gave you shit fukked up these days rip see you when ah get there."

So it seems likely Donquarius Copeland and Rayjon Gomez shared some kind of social connection...knew people in common. But what is the connection?

One helpful thing about Facebook is that you can designate other profiles as members of your family. Donquarius Copeland says his brother is a guy whose Facebook name is KB Stayblowin Loud. Right after his own name, KB notes "RIP Quantell Braxton," and provides a link to a page for Quantell under his "Likes."

Braxton was a 14-year-old gunned down in North Minneapolis, click here for details.

So suddenly the senseless killing of 13-year-old Rayjon Gomez, while still senseless, starts to make sense. Was Rayjon killed as some kind of retaliation for the death of Braxton? Because here we have the brother of Donquarius Copeland prominently displaying the RIP page for Braxton, and then Copeland (allegedly) shoots Gomez, who is very nearly the same age.

By the way, check out the cover photo for KB Stayblowin Loud:

This is why decent people want North Minneapolis "inconvenience stores" to stop selling Swisher Sweet brand blunts.

Here's one of the cover photos from Savage Alwaysthuggin Taylor, listed by Donquarius as his cousin.

I believe Taylor is the individual on the far left smoking a blunt.

Donquarius Copeland, who was known on Facebook (k/o/f) as BD DQ YnT, wasn't extremely active in the world of social networking.

Yes, he made and accepted a number of friend requests, but he had few conversations on Facebook, and posted only a handful of photos there. A handful of people posted photos featuring him. I've found a few photos that MIGHT be Donquarius Copeland, but was unable to make positive identification. If there's a treasure trove of Copeland photos and FB conversations out there...I haven't found it, yet.

But as thin as the documentation is, it raises new and interesting questions:

What's up with all the University of Minnesota gopher apparel? Who are these OTHER folks and do any of them know anything about the Gomez killing? What is the actual connection between Copeland and Gomez? Why does somebody create a Facebook profile the day he (allegedly) commits a murder?

And what of this interesting connection to 14-year-old murder victim Quantell Braxton?

All I can do is keep digging.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for making this interesting connection to the Quantell Braxton case. I'm sure his family would like to know this.

Anonymous said...

Good to put names with faces. I'll pass this along, we'll be on the look out.

Johnny Northside said...

I would. If he were my son, I would want to know about this interesting connection to Donquarius Copeland, through the person identified on Facebook as a relative.

Anonymous said...

Let us not forget that Ray'Jon was affiliated with the "Sticc up Boys". But Donquarius and all his friends here seem to be affiliated with YnT. Maybe Ray'Jon was double flagging. You know, doing stuff with/for both gangs. That'll get ya killed for sure.

Anonymous said...

I am most definitely forwarding this info to the Braxton family.

Johnny Northside said...

I am not entirely clear if "YnT" is a gang or just some kind of expression.

But Rayjon's social connections to the Sticc Up Boys are well documented.

As for the person who keeps saying they will forward info to the Braxton family, I'm not entirely sure who you are or what your goal is with that, but whatever.

Sooner or later, my info always gets around to the parties named. Maybe it gets there fast, maybe it gets there slow, but it gets there.

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me as though there was some multi-tasking going on by young RayJon. I hope that they put his murderer away for the rest of his disgustingly worthless life. All of these asshole's need to go fuck themselves and remember that their day will soon come.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks that it is ok for a 13 year old kid to get gunned down off his bike must be insane. Rayjon was a good kid that became a victim of his enviroment point blank. People really should get their facts straight. I hope that they put all of these murderers in jail before someone elses child is murdered.

Johnny Northside! said...

I don't think anyone is saying it's OK.

I think "not hard to predict" is closer to what people are saying.

Johnny Northside! said...

There was a name mixup that nobody noticed or called out. It has now been corrected.

Also, I have changed "cigarillo" to "blunt" because this type of tobacco product is more often known as a "blunt" in this context.