Thursday, July 30, 2009

JNS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Details Of Sunday Night's "Shoot Out At Oliver Ave. N." photo

Here are some more details of Sunday night's apparent 4-way shooting at 17th Ave. N. and Oliver Ave. N.

The four parties allegedly involved were Damario Donta Williams, birthday 3/24/89. Raymond Jordan Jackson, birthday 1/15/89. Chase Daymone Dent-Wells, birthday 9/26/88. And Brian Funtanous Mack, birthday 10/03/85. In addition, there were...

...eight witnesses listed on the police report, one of which was a juvenile.

The location of the shooting--17th Ave. N. and Oliver Ave. N.--is rather notable, since Ward 5 City Council Candidate Natalie Johnson Lee lives right there, according to her candidate filing, click here.

I guess Lee isn't as involved in keeping her street free of gang activity as, for example, Don Samuels. Click here for an interesting incident related to THAT.

I also have the police records for the four individuals involved, which are rather extensive. I'll start with Brian Mack, since his is the most impressive.

Brian Mack:

No drivers license, 3/24/04, and 12/23/04
Narcotics charge, 5/6/05
Driving after suspension, 4/13/06,8/10/07, 9/14/07, 3/19/09
No insurance, 10/11/08
Weapons charges, 7/3/06, and 6/21/08

Raymond Jackson:

Weapons charge, 6/12/08
Driving after suspension, 4/28/09

Chase Dent-Wells:

Narcotics charge, 7/12/09

Demario Williams:

Driving after suspension, 7/8/07
Fleeing on Foot, 4/20/09
Second Degree Assault (involves a weapon) 6/14/09

The Mpls Mirror reports rumors that two pastor's sons were involved in the shootout. This is still unconfirmed.

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