Monday, July 27, 2009

Did You Have Your Portrait Taken During Northside Art FLOW? Find It With This Link!

Photos By Pat Carney

Pat Carney is a great photographer, as evidenced by the enormous size of his camera (Exhibit A) and the fact he can take a picture which makes me look halfway good, and not so much like a geeky dork. (Exhibit B, second photo)

During the recent Northside Art FLOW, Carney snapped numerous professional portraits in front of Broadway Liquor Outlet during the beer tasting event, known as BLO FLOW. If you had your picture taken by Pat Carney, use this link (click here) to find it. 

In the top picture, Dean Rose of BLO poses with me, our shirts making the phrase "BLO FLOW." My shirt is a classic from last year's FLO.

Recycle, reduce and re-use.

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Jules Inda said...

You look as handsome and cool as James Dean.
And Jeff, a hoopster, who would have thought? So many good reasons to FLOW.

Johnny Northside said...

You take a very good picture yourself. Pat is a lucky lucky man.

Anonymous said...

The photo is an excellent photo of you. However, the set is horribly flawed by the duct taped bottom set!

Ranty said...

Those photos are fantastic.

Anonymous said...

is it my imagination, or is johnny northside getting super buff? maybe you should market the NoMi diet?

JNS Reader said...

Lolz. Those portraits are hilarious - and really good!