Monday, July 20, 2009

Mpls Mirror Has Exclusive "Uncle Lennie" Video, Big Dreams For Uncle Bill's Location...

Here's To Uncle Lennie's Big Dreams! 

Mpls Mirror, the chosen "guilty liberal" mouthpiece of notorious nut cases like Al "I Am The Community" Flowers, has exclusive video of "Uncle" Lennie Chism's presentation to the Willard Homewood Organization. (WHO)

Unlike the video on my blog, which is downloaded to YouTube and linked from there, the Mpls Mirror video doesn't allow the viewer to fast forward to the interesting parts, i.e., me asking Lennie if he has enough economic and political jack to take on this major project, and Lennie grandly comparing himself to Henry Ford.

Instead, the video viewer must sit through Lennie's whole tedious presentation, taking note of his odd phrasing like, "bananas, oranges, things of that nature" and to start over "from complete scratch."

All the same, for those following the hot discussion over "Uncle" Lennie's seat-of-the-pants scheme, who don't normally read the Mpls Mirror, here's a link, click here.

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MikeT said...

What is notable about the presentation is two things;
1) The not answering specific questions regarding zoning, parking, remodeling costs, venders, etc. Instead relying on emotional appeals. It was a bit like watching the "Trouble in River City" scene from the movie The Music Man.
( )

2) Still not sure, specifically, what he wants when he asks for "support".

This whole thing just doesn't seem to be very well thought-out.

veg*nation said...

sshh, Mike T.!! it is the duty of all northsiders to accept whatever half-baked development schemes someone wants to dish out without asking any pesky QUESTIONS. we don't DESERVE well thought-out quality projects.