Tuesday, July 14, 2009

PDF Of The JACC Defamation Judgment: Benjamin Myers vs. The Jordan Three...

"Do You Really Expect Me To Act Surprised By This Ruling?"

(Parody alert)

No sense beating around the bush or, for that matter, beating Ben Myers with a worn terri cloth slipper on the decrepit back porch of the double wide trailer so his little girlfriend would have to watch from the lot next door, a not-infrequent occurrence of the childhood I shared with Ben, my twin brother.

(Back to reality again)

Click here for the PDF of the court ruling in Ben Myers vs. The Jordan Three.
The label "Jordan Three" was coined by Anna Pratt's blog, which also has good coverage of these JACC-related scandals. Pratt mentioned my blog would have the PDF online by tonight.

To which I respond: Thanks for the plug, Anna. Don't worry, there's more than enough scandal with the "Old Majority" Kool Aid Cult to keep all of us and our attorneys plenty busy.

Besides, I need you to report on MY case.

(Do not click "Read More")


Jeff Skrenes said...

I just checked, and Google fixed this NOW, but...

There was a time when you could type in the phrase "French Military Victories" and it would actually respond with the question, "Did you mean 'French Military Defeats'?"

Something tells me that we'll see a similar response from Google when typing in "Jerry Moore + Ben Myers + lawsuit victories."

Anonymous said...

I would be slapping a judgement (to collect the attorney's fees) on that boy so fast it would make your head spin....

It is truly a sad day when a country given to protecting the individual rights of its citizens is required to expend this much energy, time, effort and yes money, on this type of stupidity. Especially when the stupidity was prompted by an attorney.

Where do ethics and professional responsibility enter into this??????

What a shyster...