Thursday, April 23, 2009

JNS BLOG EDITORIAL: Marlon Pratt, Tynessia Snoddy, Bernard Holmes, And Others: JUST SURRENDER AND GET IT OVER WITH!!! Image

I'd be a fool if I thought the only individuals reading my blog are folks OPPOSED to mortgage fraud. On the contrary, I think some people who are (accused of being) actively involved in mortgage fraud ALSO check in, from time-to-time.

Knowing that, I'm going to use this blog for the purpose of putting out a message to Tynessia Snoddy, Marlon Pratt, Bernard Holmes, and the many other accused mortgage fraudsters (both indicted and rapidly-approaching-indictment) who are still running around loose like a crack head with a spotless new fake ID at an Iowa Indian casino.

Listen up! ...

You need to take a plea bargain and/or become a state informant before your fellow rats sell you out. Why, just look at the final summary of Defense Attorney Larry Reed, reported here on this blog in the form of the prosecution's rebuttal. In trying to save Maxwell, Larry Reed tried to shift the blame to Tynessia Snoddy.

Hopefully, some of you dirty rats know BIGGER, smellier, dirtier, rattier suspects you can rat out, otherwise heaven help you, rats.

EIGHTEEN COUNTS of mortgage fraud, all guilty! Aggravating factors on every single one of those oh-so-successful indictments. That jury just drop-kicked Larry Maxwell into the middle of this century NFL great Greg Coleman kicking a field goal!

And who was Larry Maxwell? Consider, if you will:

Maxwell was pulling in half a million a year, driving a Mercedes, and he had the best criminal defense available in the form of a lawyer who not only fought every inch--that's his job, after all, that's what a good defense attorney does--but seemed to care about Larry "Maximum" Maxwell deeply and personally. A Star Tribune article says Reed bought a house through Maxwell.

So if MAXWELL went down THIS hard, what's going to happen to YOU? It's likely you're going to take the blame for EVERYBODY and ANYBODY, anybody who can get to the State Attorney first and RAT YOU OUT. Your fellow rats--people who are befriending you on Facebook, possibly--are going to stab you in the back and make you take the fall. Tynessia? You know I'm talking to you, girlfriend.

It's every rat for himself, here. You and your fellow (accused) criminals made a decision to "live by the sword." Well, now somebody is going to (figuratively) DIE by the sword. It's really just a question of who (metaphorically) lives, and who (so to speak) dies. Why should you be the one to take the fall for everybody?

Let me tell you I've watched Brad Johnson in action, and he's not a mean guy. He has a heart. Prosecutor Liz Johnston, especially, has a heart.

So maybe you can cut a deal--I'm not somebody who can promise anything, I'm just WILDLY SPECULATING, here--but maybe you can cut a deal, especially if you have plenty of THICK, JUICY DOCUMENTS you can la-de-da-dee turn over to help prosecutors snare much bigger and guiltier fish.

Marlon? We've spoken to each other in the hallway, briefly. I'm telling you this for your own good, Marlon. Whatever time you're being offered--if you're being offered any plea bargain--you're going to serve MUCH MORE TIME if you push this thing to a jury. HAVE YOU SEEN THESE JURIES?!!!

What am I saying? I KNOW YOU'VE SEEN THE JURY! You sat and watched the Maxwell jury for hours!

That older lady in the front row? A former Marine! Did you see she was wearing "USMC Red" today?

And how about that guy from EDINA? Oh, yeah, they'll be really sympathetic to you, Marlon Pratt, when the prosecution fills the jury box with Edina-ites and people from frigging MAPLE GROVE and PLYMOUTH. And those are the kind of people available to fill the jury boxes here in Hennepin County. YOU ARE SO DEAD!!!!

Please tell me you're not staking hopes on some kind of APPEAL?! Oh, Marlon. I hope your little prison television in the clear plastic casing can tune in Sesame Street, because you are being a silly, gullible child if you believe after a conviction, hope might come in the form of an appeal. Be a man, here, and take your punishment: as little punishment as you can negotiate through a plea bargain.

Commit the next several years to reading your Bible and getting yourself right with God, because you're going to prison either way, baby, it's just a matter of how long. About a year ago you might have had a prayer, but now these prosecutors have studied up hard on these trendy new mortgage fraud crimes. Check out how Brad Johnson was BREAKING IT DOWN and MAKING IT PLAIN to the jurors. How long did his final summary take? Like, what, SEVENTEEN MINUTES?

Inspiring, wasn't it? Well, I suppose it depends on your point of view.

I strongly suggest you DO NOT attempt to flee the state. First, they will find you, (just like they found you to INDICT you) and second, flight is legally considered evidence of guilt.

If you are an (accused or un-indicted) mortgage fraudster in Hennepin County, and you're reading this blog, there's a reason: you're trying to gain some helpful informtion and insight. Well, let me hand it to you on a silver platter.

The criminal justice system is going to put your BLOODY, SEVERED HEAD HIGH ON A POLE FOR ALL THE WORLD TO SEE, unless you find a way to cut a deal, FAST.


Anonymous said...

Nice blog: It would seem that each convicted mortgage fraudster is a domino... one starts to fall and it begins knocking the next one down. If Pratt or Snoddy or Holmes or (insert flailing mortgage perp here) doesn't see this then they probably deserve the maximum sentence for their crimes.

Pratt especially. Hopefully he's next. It isn't coincidence that he appeared at this trial. I'm sure seeing Larry go down, hard, made some sort of impression. Let's hope.

Anyone who is "dirt" from this type of fraud would be wise to "wrap up their affairs" before they set foot into a court. Don't leave your car on the street or you house wide open like Larry did... If you go to trial you (most likely) will go to jail.

Don't fool yourself - the greasy profit made from the scam won't save you. Especially if they've taken and invested their ill-gotten gain to hire someone like Reed... I'm sure his initial promises of a victorious outcome for Larry "Maximum" Maxwell will be one of the echos heard as "Maximum" does just that... he sits, in a tiny room where he can't shut a door when he goes to the bathroom, doing the max for his 18 counts...

Anonymous said...


The Mortgage Geek said...

Bad sports analogy, John. Coleman was a punter, not a kicker. Punters do drop-kick footballs, I suppose. But field goals are kicked when the ball is held stationary on the ground, not drop-kicked.

"You'll be drop-kicked like a football when Vikings great Greg Coleman pins the opponent deep in enemy territory," would be better purely from a sports standpoint.

Anonymous said...

I was a juror on this case -- I'm glad to find out we have amazing prosecutors like Mr. Johnson and others such as yourself fighting the plague of Mortgage fraud in this fine city one way or another.

Jordan neighbor said...

To the juror: can you write to us some more. Are you allowed to share some of your thought process, what things really sealed the deal for you? We'd love to read more from the jurors. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

jurors, I hope you have read the Open Letter to the Jurors from the wife of John Foster. Hopefully if you all (jurors) have stayed in touch with each other you can pass the link along so that everyone of you can see that letter, it should make you all feel proud of the work you did! It is in one of the blogs after the GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY blog. (April 24th)

Anonymous said...

I have a great interest in the case of Marlon Pratt and know that his trial is currently taking place. Is there a current blog that provides current court information? From what I have been told, none of the victims have been called yet. I need an update as to who has has been called and what they had to say.

Anonymous said...

Johnny, you are so dead on!!

..Mortgage scammer gets more prison time than prosecutor had asked

Despite the mortgage fraud defendant's pleas that the world needs a Christian man like him, a Hennepin County judge gave Marlon Pratt 10 years in prison, more time than the prosecutor sought for 17 theft by swindle and two racketeering convictions.

concerned citizen said...

i would think that you would find more of a profession that writing bullshit that no one really wants to read in the first place, unless they share your values.
why aren't you writing about how corrupt Hennepin's judical system really is, and how they are tearing up peoples lives, with falsified accusations and charges to make a statement for themselves. Their should be something that someone should be able to do, but when what we believe to be justice and the law fails us, its a hurtful thing.
God hates ugly, and although life takes us on journeys to neverlands we never imagined under no circumstances we've adventure, he is God and Lord over all. One day you may find yourself in a place where, you or someone of significate is being torn in to, from these type of editorials.
Maybe if you took the time to know some of the people you label to be criminals, you would know that they are some of the most decent people you could ever meet.
I often wonder how some of the officals rest at night, knowing the wrong that they do.
This mortgage scam bull, has been blown way out of the limit.
If you want to really do some justice with the gift God has given you in journalism, try tracking facts son,"truths" instead of being a dog sniffing for dog shit and wallowing in it!