Friday, January 8, 2010

Just One More Photo From Eco-Village Groundbreaking...

Photo By Jeff Skrenes, blog post by John Hoff

The old Life Magazine used to include a feature in the back called "Just One More," which would feature a charming or off-the-wall picture. (No, I'm not old enough to remember the old Life Magazine, but I've paged through the magazines in antique stores)

When Hawthorne's Housing Director Jeff Skrenes emailed me the picture, above, I couldn't help but think of the "Just One More" feature in the old Life Magazine. This image shows CPED Director Mike Christenson running to greet Hawthorne resident Valeria Golebiowski shortly before the groundbreaking ceremony.

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MeganG. said...

First - I'll get my Valeria-lovin' out of the way - could this woman BE any cuter???? Love her.

But as for Mike Christenson - I can't say enough good things. This man is the real deal. He walks the walk and has poured his heart and SOUL into the northside.

I guarantee you, you will not find another executive level director of a CPED-like agency in a medium-large size metro city rolling up his/her sleaves and doing the work that Mike C. does.

We are so lucky to have this man working for our city, and for his love that he has for the northside. I'm very very grateful for that!

Anonymous said...

Valeria (or as I call her grandma Valerie) is my husband's grandmother and she is one of the sweetest most generous people that I have ever met