Saturday, January 30, 2010

Friedman's Shoe Store To Be Featured In Sports Illustrated Magazine...

Photo and blog post by John Hoff

Word comes via an email from the office of Council Member Diane Hofstede that Hawthorne's own Friedman's Shoe Store--an institution in our neighborhood for decades and generations, located at 400 West Broadway--will be featured in Sports Illustrated two months from now.

Hofstede writes: Thank you to Sue, David and their family for providing a great place to shop, and a life long commitment to North Minneapolis!

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Kevin said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, this place is an absolute gem on Broadway. Without doubt the outside of the building is totally uninviting, but the people, the merchandise, the prices and most importantly the service inside makes checking it out so worth the effort.

M. Clinton said...

What can we do to make it apparent to the new visitor of West Broadway that this place is a gem and an asset. I would seriously be willing to put in volunteer sweat equity to a facade makeover as this place is one of the "Gateway" properties that seriously and negatively affect Northside first impressions. AND to think that not even a slummy business giving this impression, but rather a gem. We need to make this place a stand out! I'm not even joking. If anyone connected with this business reads this and wants help -!

Anonymous said...

@MClinton - Friedman's DID get facade improvement money from city - and they did alot of work on exteriror, mostly brick work I think. And alot of it up higher where we don't necessarily work. I heard one public official say how disappointed he/she was that they didn't use the facade money on the DISCOLORED plexi-glass windows.

The yellowed windows are the main thing pulling this place down. I could maybe live with the bombardment of the posters if the windows were nice, clear, visible.