Monday, January 11, 2010

Stolen Laptop Controversy Won't Die After Minneapolis City DFL Convention In May, 2009...

Stock Photo by John Hoff, my son Alex with an Apple Laptop
Blog post by John Hoff

It has long been the policy of this blog to NOT sit tight on pieces of valuable information, but--whenever feasible--to get information OUT THERE even if the info is incomplete. In fact, that's how the very interesting Pamiko-Gate story was blown wide open, because this blog published what it had--an interesting piece of the story--and, very quickly, more information came flowing back.

In that spirit, I want to make clear this blog post is NOT the whole story, but I am trying hard to get--as Paul Harvey would say--"the rest of the story."

In May of 2009, the Minneapolis City DFL met at Washburn high school. According to a highly-placed source, two Apple laptops were stolen that day from a class room which was left unlocked. Images were captured on videotape...

...of an individual wearing a t-shirt from one of the Mayoral campaigns, skulking in a hallway, trying the doors of various rooms. The individual was a young black female. The t-shirt she was wearing was not from the Rybak campaign, but from one of the many "also-ran" campaigns. When somebody else passed through the hallway, the individual in the campaign t-shirt seemed to act as though she was looking for a bathroom. The individual entered an unlocked room with a backpack which did not appear full. When she left the room, the backpack appeared full. Two valuable Apple laptops turned up missing from the room shortly afterward.

Days after the convention, police attempted to identify the young black female using at least one still photo from the videotape. In fact, police went to City Hall with a photo and asked individuals at City Hall if they could identify the individual in the campaign t-shirt. The individual looks like a young woman associated with one of the Mayoral campaigns, but there is talk of a change in hairstyle, a certain degree of uncertainty as to the identification.

Now, word is the school and the police are leaning hard on the DFL to replace the valuable laptops stolen during the convention.

When and if this story develops further and more info comes my way, it will be published on Johnny Northside Dot Com as quickly as possible. Yes, this blog does have the name of the Mayoral campaign in question but I am not publishing it until I have further detailed info, THEREFORE I WIILL NOT PUBLISH COMMENTS WHICH POINT THE FINGER AT ANY PARTICULAR MAYORAL CAMPAIGN.


veg*nation said...

i'm starting to wonder if there is a parallel universe out there somewhere with a bizarro minneapolis city government run entirely on stolen equipment.

Johnny Northside said...

And who would be the MAYOR of Bizzaro Universe Minneapolis?


Don't answer that.

veg*nation said...

well, in bizarro world, where everything is opposite, the mayor would have to live OUTSIDE the city limits . . .

MeganG. said...

@Vegnation - there IS!

It's called Crazytown!

There's a Mayor.

There's an Executive Director.

There's a couple or three lawyers.

There's an amateur blogger/journalist/photo-video-grapher.

There's two or three 'entrepreneurs'.

There's several fringe candidates.

Oh yeah. There IS a parallel universe alright.

Oh! And there are slumlords in Crazytown!!!