Saturday, January 30, 2010

Video and Photo Tribute To "Gretchen," Small Innocent Victim Of Rampaging Pit Bulls...

Video and photos by John Fena and partner Edwin,
blog post by John Hoff

The previous post describes how a little dog named "Gretchen" was horrifically killed by unleashed pit bulls, almost two years ago today, and Gretchen's owners--John Fena and his partner Edwin--are trying to locate the thuggish owners (known by name) so they can be served and sued. Click here for that blog post.

The post-death images of Gretchen are, of course, horrific. But I have some very nice and adorable pictures of Gretchen, too.

Rather than mixing the two things together--Gretchen's wonderful, carefree life all stirred in the same dark pot with her sudden, horrible death--I thought it would be preferable to have a post with just NICE images of Gretchen.


Here. Here is more Gretchen.

It's a shame she's gone like this but, of course, some people believe our beloved animals are in a special neighborhood near heaven, accessible by the "rainbow bridge." Click here for more info.

Or, rather than cleaving to mysticism, one might find hope and comfort in GETTING A POUND OF FLESH FROM A LAWSUIT AGAINST THESE THUGS.

Oops, did I spoil the tone of this sweet little tribute post?

My bad.

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