Thursday, January 14, 2010

Remaro, Remaro...Wherefore Art Thou, Romero? (Annshalike Hamilton Is Dead, But This Issue Won't Die On This Blog Until There Is Justice!)

Photo and blog post by John Hoff

So here I am in Hastings, Nebraska, stuck overnight while an electrical issue gets fixed on my (precious, beautiful) truck--dusty back door pictured above--but this doesn't stop me from being right in the middle of a new Johnny Northside Dot Com info storm on my own personal time.

OK, so here's the deal...somebody went to an old post on this blog, trying to publish (alleged) information about Annshalike Hamilton, whose murder remains unsolved. (Anybody with info should contact the Minneapolis Police Department, not some blogger dude named Johnny Northside)

While I deeply appreciate this info being fed into the blog comments section--a short comment which (among other things) made a negative reference to a dude named "Remaro"--the comment in question can't be published. And I can't get into the reason why the comment can't be published.


I am very interested in receiving more information, such as:

1.) My anonymous commenter seems to be referencing a court case. Can he/she provide the full names of the individuals involved? Or possibly a case number? Geez, give me a LAST NAME so I can track down any criminal record!

2.) Give me something. A document? A photo? Do you have any photos of the individuals you are referencing?

3.) You know and I know you should be telling the police this stuff. So why are you telling me? Have you already told this stuff to the police? Are you afraid to go to the police for some reason? If I publish the comment, won't somebody involved in the case be able to figure out it's you?

I'm VERY interested. You have my full attention. My internet access is infrequent due to being on the road, but I do manage to get on the internet about once a day.

I'm listening.

Tell me more.

Addendum: January 30, 2010.

The information this blog received referenced a "Romero." Subsequent information references a "Remaro." Therefore, the spelling of the name has been changed throughout the blog post as of today.


me said...

hey jns I'm not the person who wrote the original comment but I do know what your talking about and yes the police know they are the ones that brought him up. From how it sounds he seems to be the prime suspect and beating women his his m/o. I can get you all his info and a pic. I'll get it for you. And his last name is smith and as far as a criminal record he dont have much due to the fact that he is a snitch so he gets a lot of deals from the police witch I know for a fact due to some of the things he has been arested for and has got off on. He is curently facing charges for drugs and assault with a deadly weapon in witch case he pulled two hand guns on annshalike's family.

Johnny Northside said...

To the person who came here and commented today, January 22...

Thank you for the last name. I would love to get all the info you can kick my way about this punk. I'm not publishing your comment right now due to its extremely sensitive nature but please get me the info as soon as possible.

Johnny Northside said...

In regard to that last name...

What is the middle name? And what is the birthday?