Sunday, January 3, 2010

Questions And Indictment Document In "Heart Of The Earth" Embezzlement Case...

Photo By John Hoff

The "Heart of the Earth" School was in the Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood, which is in the same political ward as my own Hawthorne Neighborhood, which is Ward 3.

Due to my long association with the University of Minnesota, I make an effort to cover news stories in Marcy-Holmes, Stadium Village, and the West least when I stumble right over the stories. More than a year ago...

I read some of the media coverage about the financial scandal at "Heart of the Earth" charter school and the charges against Joel Pourier, the former executive director. The school is at 1209 4th St. SE. Right after the scandal became public, I was going by the school one day and noticed this sign in the window, which I photographed.

Today, while going through the County Attorney's website to find indictments related to criminal behavior in North and Northeast Minneapolis, I came upon the rather long and involved indictment against Joel Pourier, click here for the indictment.

So...all of this information about the charges came out more than a year ago, but my question is: What happened with that? Was Pourier convicted? Is he still facing trial? What's the deal?

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Michael Spivak said...

I don't see any criminal cases that appear to be related in a quick search.