Thursday, January 7, 2010

Do Not Adjust Your Screen--These Photos Taken In "Dollhouse Crazy-O-Vision"

Photo By John Hoff

This blog recently reported the details of the Mayor's and City Council's swearing-in, click here, including the very odd detail of Mr. Tore Simonsen, and his obsessed fixation with the television series "Dollhouse." (Click here for Simonson's blog)

Simonsen was passing out these handwritten "calling cards" at the inauguration.

One guest at the inauguration said Simsonsen gave her "the heebee jeebees."

To which I say: trust your instincts, girl.

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Johnny Northside said...

Here's one of my favorite posts from the blog.

The Hawthorne Hawkman said...

Here's what I think of when this guy's blog gives me the heebie jeebies .

Anonymous said...

These situations never end well.

Johnny Northside said...

The Hawkman--showing off his newfound ability to make a live link in the comments section! The Hawkster! The Live Linkster!