Tuesday, January 5, 2010

JNS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Photo Of Notorious Slumlord Mahmood Khan!

Photo By Megan Goodmundson

Mahmood Khan hit the public radar in a big way when the body of Annshalike Hamilton turned up at his decrepit, neglected property at 2222 4th Street North. (The crime is still unsolved) That incident led neighborhood activists to scrutinize Khan's property holdings more closely and realize this guy...

...had a bunch of slummy properties. Recently, the city council voted to raze 2222 4th St. N. after giving Khan plenty of slack...slack he only used to hang himself.

Despite all the attention paid to Khan on this blog, no picture of him was available. That is to say, until today.

Megan Goodmundson snapped this photo of Khan at yesterday's swearing-in of the Mayor and city council. At the ceremony, Khan was observed to speak with Robert Lilligren, Ward 6, and Don Samuels, Ward 5. He then proceeded to follow Megan Goodmundson around like a big slummy puppy dog, trying to get information about what she wanted with the photo.


Hillside Chronicles said...

Well, he should know now!!!

Genie of the Shell said...

Nice shot.

The UU church where I work is sending delegates to your 'hood for a big conference this spring, and I might be coming along. You can reach me at work at office@uulansing.org. (We also have a blog: uucgl.blogspot.com).

It would be cool to meet up if I go out there. I bet some of the UUs would be interested in checking out what you're doing, too! I work with activists and have friends who have done various levels of cleanup/community action in Lansing, Flint, and other struggling cities in Michigan.

Hillside Chronicles said...

Genie...are you coming to NoMi to bellydance?