Thursday, January 7, 2010

End Game In The "True JACC" Court Battle?

Stock photo, John Hoff, infamous January 14, 2009 JACC meeting

Since the beginning of the controversy in the Jordan Neighborhood over which group is the "true" leadership of the Jordan Area Community Council, (JACC) this blog has been the leading source of information on the battle between the "New Majority" and "Old Majority" factions. For many months, this controversy has been in court as the ousted "Old Majority" faction (led by Ben Myers and figurehead E.B. Brown) have tried to claim leadership of JACC and defeat the "New Majority" faction (led by Kip Browne and Ann McCandles)

(However, since there has been yet another JACC election in the meantime, we now have what might be called the "New New Majority," which is led by Vladamir Monroe, Chair, and Kip Browne, Vice Chair)

Now, it appears the never-ending "Old Majority" battle may, in fact, be coming to a close...

A source in the Jordan Neighborhood forwarded some documents--which are public documents, anyway, but how CONVENIENT to receive them by email!--which show what may be the final moves in this climactic battle as the issue of "summary judgment" is debated in briefs filed by plaintiff and defendant. Click here for the Johnny Northside PDF support site to view the documents, complete and unedited, unfiltered.


Pond-dragon said...

I thinks we all could use a nice late Xmas present! Enough already a long-long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Wonder how the pugilist Jerry Moore is doing these days??? I bet he misses his $60,000 a year position (with 6 weeks of paid vacation and unlimited blackberry usage) not to mention his "expense budget". It's nice that these are public documents... they make for a great read on a cold winter's morning!