Friday, January 22, 2010

Video And More Internet Information About Homicide Victim Orlando Nunn...

Orlando Nunn, who died in North Minneapolis while allegedly trying to collect a debt on behalf of his baby's mother, click here for news story, was no stranger to the Minneapolis police. His name turns up in the Fourth Precinct Weekly highlights in this old report (Spring 2008) about an attempted drive-by shooting at North High...


1500 JAMES WEDNESDAY 1829 HOURS 08-084455

Officers responded to a SHOOT at North High and upon arrival located a 14 year old female who’d been struck in the arm however the bullet did not break the skin. Officers then directed by dispatch to 1230 Knox where they located Orlando Nunn, 19 year old male w/22 CAPRS, with non life threatening wounds to his lower legs. Witnesses reported males in a blue car shot at a group of males, one of which was Nunn. Shortly thereafter 911 caller reported a male w/a gun and officers located him and a loaded 40 caliber Glock, a Lakeville stolen, which he said the shooters dropped from the car. Arrested was Dwayne Garner an 18 year old male w/11 CAPRS who was later described by the victim as being with him when he was shot 08-084533

Thanks to the Minneapolis Crime Blog for posting the highlights so the stuff actually turns up in Google searches instead of being lost to the ages.

The video in this blog post turned up on YouTube recently. Somebody who goes by "US Pimp Club" posted it.

On another note, it is normally the policy of this blog to not use Star Tribune links, because their links don't load well and often go dead, but the Star Tribune has the most complete story as of today. For the record, Star Tribune links continue to suck.

(Blog post by John Hoff, from a cheap motel in Hattiesburg, Mississippi)


Anonymous said...

anyone know the maximum claim value allowable in conciliation court? I'm thinking $5K.

I think the Strib reported the value of the claim at issue in this situation as $6K.

Next time, perhaps he should consider going to conciliation court. Oh wait...

beer234 said...

Hello the maximum is $7500.00 beyond that it's district court.

Anonymous said...

Darwin wins.

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Anonymous said...

Can I say something here, just in case some curious person googles Orlando Nunn and comes across this one fine year?

I heard the story of what happened in that town home that night by some eyewitnesses. They said that Orlando was dragged back into that house. They said the robbery "victims" were no such thing.

Did Orlando hang with gangsters? By all accounts yes. Did he do something inside that time to make killing him "self defense"? From what I was told, that is very, very questionable indeed. I might add that if a nice North East white boy had been shot that night, the cops would have took a much harder look.

Anonymous said...

please stop calling white MEN "white BOYS" yes I am white and I am a man not a boy just like black men are not "BOYS" this is a racist slur just like NI@@ER!

Anonymous said...

i wonder if they are part of the "plukey duke" nunn crime family?