Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Two Days Needed to Remove Basement Bedrooms at 2230 6th St N

Guest post and photos by the Hawthorne Hawkman

Hawthorne's "pink house," a once-notorious den of iniquity, has been demolished! The demolition of the structure itself went fairly quickly once the property was cleared of asbestos. However, the house once condemned against itself stood (sort of) for an extra day thanks to...

rebar throughout the basement. Apparently the basement was made deeper and reinforced. The end result of that particular rehab was to (wait for it) ADD MORE BEDROOMS, YAY!!!

The egress window yet to be removed above bears out that theory, as well as a conversation with the demo crew who concurred that's what it looked like to them too. So not only did we allow for more bedrooms to be crammed into a building that ultimately became a haven of crime, but it took more time and dollars to demolish and remove the structure. Area residents claimed that dishes in their cabinets were rattling as the demo crew took apart the basement.

Here's hoping we've learned our lessons and won't repeat the same housing mistakes of the past here in NoMi.

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Georgeen Casey said...

I lived in this home from 1968 to 1985!! tis was once a beautiful home untill the thgs and druggies tookover the neighborhood, also the basement was not made for more bedrooms!! w were the second family to own this home an elder couple owned it for more then 60 years.... it was once a store.... get rid of the thugs that destroy these homes with there meth making........