Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Whorehouse Mattresses Hit The Dumpster At 2700 Morgan Ave. N.

Photo and blog post by John Hoff

The infamous "salmon house" at 2700 Morgan Ave. N. has been boarded up for quite a while now, but in the last few days there was a sudden burst of activity. A dumpster appeared, and the furnishings inside the house--including a bunch of mattresses and box springs--hit the bottom of the bin.

I poked around a bit and took a few pictures. I have to admit, some of the furniture didn't look half bad. If I had a truck I'd be all, like, dude...let's take this stuff to an antique store I know in St. Paul and sell it. THEY don't know it's from a whorehouse.

Besides, I think after you hit the surfaces with Lysol, the fact the stuff is from a whorehouse just adds to the mystique.

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Raymond said...

That is so gross! I can't help laughing, but that is horrible. I am glad all Peter has is a truck, or I could see you calling him to help recycle.

Anonymous said...

Sandy's place wasn't so much a whorehouse as it was a place to smoke crack. Did the "fallen angels" hang around there? Yes. But it wasn't the prefered den... From our occassional UC details, once the pros find a client, they want to get out of the immediate area. They know we're trolling that area.
-just a cop