Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Blog Upgraded, Thanks For The PayPal Donation!

Stock Photo By John Hoff

So, this morning, I was trying to upload a photo of Local D'Lish store owner Ann Yinn posing with some used egg cartons--which she collects for local farmers markets--and the technical guts of my blog screamed something I'd never heard before. I WAS OUT OF PHOTO STORAGE SPACE.

Yes, this blog puts out so much image content that we've surpassed the "free space limits" of Blogspot! As you may have noticed...

I believe EVERY POST MUST HAVE A PICTURE, even if it's just a stock photo. Furthermore, this blog goes to tremendous lengths to get photographs, whether that means crawling across the surface of a not-quite-frozen lake, or purchasing cheap "gangster cams" to replace yet another low-cost, broken camera--or borrowing the cameras of friends like Megan Goodmundson, Jeff Skrenes (the Hawthorne Hawkman) or Connie Nompelis. (No-bell-iss, it's Greek)

Also, many readers have contributed photos, too many to list. Thank you, JNS blog readers. 

In any case, for a relatively low sum of money, I managed to purchase 20 gigabytes of data space for photos. (To give you some idea of how much that is, apparently this blog was already using 1 "gig" when we ran out of space this morning)

Thankfully, this blog recently received a $25 donation through PayPal, which I want to gratefully acknowledge.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure it is a GIG and not a TERA-bit because I think I have seeen at least a few gigs worth of photos on this blog.

T Jaramillo

Anonymous said...

In case you are free...there is a press conference tomorrow (01/07)at 1000 at the 3rd Pct (3000 East Lake) to talk about the reductions in crime. I hear your mayor will be there along with the usual suspects from the police department.

Johnny Northside said...

Tyrone Jaramillo--

I believe it was one gig that I had before, and it was DEFINITELY 20 gigs that I purchased.

But if you can prove me wrong, I'll be happy to factually correct.

So, dude, did you go by and estimate my car for the scrap value? Hit me up by cell phone.