Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Violent, Bizarre Incident Completely Dominates This Week's Fourth Precinct Highlights...

Photo By John Hoff

Last night, it seemed like every cop in North Minneapolis was suddenly rushing to 29th Ave. N. and Knox Ave. N., and I just happened to be in the area with a camera. From the scene, I sent updates to Twitter, but it was hard to figure out what was happening except the police were searching for somebody with a dog and one individual was sighted being taken into custody, see photo above.

Today, the Fourth Precinct Highlights went out on various email listservs, and somehow this one incident managed to...

...get mentioned in the highlights over and over.

Here are excerpts...the story comes together in bits and pieces, but one thing is pretty clear: MPD did a great job on a bitterly cold night, getting these thugs and their firearms off the street.

Monday 01-04-10
19:04 hrs


Squads were attempting to stop a vehicle wanted in a robbery; but, it wouldn't stop. Pursuit entailed when suspects bailed and were running. Officers and K9 took custody of AP1/Zarzar, Mitchell BM 22 yrs., and AP2/Migmen, Abel BM 22 yrs. carrying a .357 cal 6-shot revolver w/3.75 BBL at this address. Female resident has seen them before in African community and maybe they visited her cousin when she was at work. The gun was hidden in her house.

(Related cases: 10-003127 and 10-003211)


10-003200 Related: 10-003127, 10-003211 1906-1911 hrs ”5 minutes

Length of Pursuit: Started: 21/Fremont Ave N, Ended: 2926 Knox Ave N (2-3 miles)

Reason: Squad 959 noticed MN SMS 282 at 21/Fremont Ave N. This vehicle was used in a Kidnapping/AGG Robbery of Person at Gunpoint in North Minneapolis earlier in the evening. Squads attempted to stop the vehicle using their emergency equipment at Golden Valley RD/Morgan. Suspects failed to stop and pursuit was aired. Speeds were 20-30 mph. Streets were very icy and slippery.

In front of 29xx Knox Ave N, driver bailed and ran into. Suspects taken into custody/booked HCJ. Suspects involved in two Kidnap/Robberies, one of which, they kidnapped a victim from Anoka and dropped him off in N. Minneapolis. (10-003211).
Resources: K-9


Robbery of Person/Kidnapping

Male victim called to say that he was kidnapped at gunpoint in Anoka. V1 states he was driven around Anoka and later into North Minneapolis. V1 states 2 black males made him strip. When he was eventually let out of veh, he was given his clothing back except his shoes. V1 went door-to-door trying to get help in area of Broadway/Aldrich. V1 was robbed of wallet, cell phone w/gun to his head. When officers attempt to make contact with V1 for Show Up, officers are unable to locate V1 as employees of Hotel believe he left for dinner. V1's phone was taken so officers unable to call for Show Up.

10-003200 Flee of Robbery vehicle from 10-003,127

Officer was driving in the area of North Minneapolis when he spots the Suspect Robbery vehicle from 003,127. After waiting for other squads to get into position to assist with stop, suspect takes off and flees from officers. Suspect eventually bails in front of 29xx Knox Av. N.

Driver/Suspect was taken into custody by K9. Passenger/Suspect run into rear of 29xx Knox with Officers in Hot Pursuit. Officers stand by in house for K9 to come inside and locate Passenger/Suspect in upstairs bedroom.

Owner of the house who was outside when suspects bail from car, give verbal and written consent to search her home. The gun is located in a closet and Passenger/Suspects jacket was also located in the room which he was hiding. Both are positively ID'd by victim from 10-003211.

10-003211 AOA

While still on scene at 29xx Knox Av. N., officers notice another Robbery of Person in calls pending. Upon looking at remarks, it states that V1 was kidnapped in Anoka, robbed at gunpoint and transported into No. Minneapolis. Squad gets info from another victim who states that while in Anoka, he is approached by 2 BMs driving a red Ford Contour (Same as original robbery) and Kidnapped at gunpoint. Victim states he is driven around Anoka, Coon Rapids and later into No. Mpls. to Broadway and Lyndale. He is eventually let out by suspects after they rob him of his wallet and cell. V1 transported to scene for a Show Up and ID'd both suspects/gun used in Robbery.

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Thanks for the update. I couldn't not notice 8 to 9 cars flying down 26th Ave from the parkway.