Thursday, November 18, 2010

Another Home Hits The Skids At 1207 26th Ave. N.

Foreclosure claimed another house at 1207 26th Ave. N., but not before some unfortunate tenant ended up in the middle of the mess, according to unnamed sources.

Just when you think the foreclosure tidal wave has gotten done working havoc on North find out it's still going on. There's nothing special or unique about this house, except I happened to be walking by and I'm a blogger. And so its fate will be remarked. There you go. Its fate is remarked, now.

To anybody reading this blog, still doing that foreclosure outreach stuff which bores me to tears...there appears to be a family in this house, with utility shut off notices slapped on the doors. I took this photo right after the first snowstorm of the year, last weekend. If there is help to be given, this family surely needs thanks to whoever put them into that house and put them into this mess.

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Johnny Northside! said...

Word is the utilities are still on despite the shut off notice on the door.

Anonymous said...

The family could find that it's not as bad as all that.

If the ultimate investor on the property is Fannie Mae (which is often the case because so many mortgage companies have failed) tenants may be able to stay on in the property with Fannie May as their "Landlord." It's a bit tricky because they would need to transfer all the utilities over to their name.

They would also need to figure something out with the city about the lack of a rental license. There are special assessments on the property, but they're almost all fines for "failure to pay" the fine for not cutting the grass back in 2006, so nothing structural. (I'm tempted to go on and on about the famous "inspections sweep"/witch hunt of 2006 which IMHO had the same effect on North as pushing an elderly patient down a set of stairs--it may not have killed him, but it certainly didn't help. But, moving on...)

According to the Sheriff's site, Central Bank officially owns this one as of 12/1/2010. The tenants need to get going on this quickly--contacting the bank to say they want to stay on (and offering a rent amount that's easy for them to pay.) If it's not FNMA, they can call Central Bank.

Could be done......

Johnny Northside! said...

The folks who are doing the mortgage outreach stuff need to KNOCK ON THIS DOOR and give these folks some help. I'm just the messenger yelling it out.

Patrick said...

Yea what the heck is going on here? Where is ACORN or the Hawthorne Housing Council? These people need some help heck it's almost Christmas! Come on folks lets get it in gear!