Friday, November 12, 2010

Here's ANOTHER Frivolous Al Flowers Lawsuit You've Never Even HEARD About!

Photo and blog post by John Hoff

While looking for a link to information about the "$3 judgment" Al Flowers once-upon-a-time obrtained in a dispute over freedom of speech on cable access television, I stumbled upon a summary of a different lawsuit filed by Al Flowers. I'd never even HEARD of this lawsuit, but it's right in the same vein as yesterday's civil rights "toe stepping trial."

Here's a link, click here. Judge for yourself.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the repost but this is old news. Made the rounds after it was published. The court case isn't the whole story. I don't recall all the specific details, but I remember their being some internal police investigation, and civil rights dept investigation that was favorable to Flowers (which is usually required prior to a civil rights action). I believe the Lt. was disciplined. I know I have the case somewhere. If I have time I'll dig it up.

Patrick said...

There are heroes who walk among us
never looking for glory or praise
They don't seek recognition
for their thoughtful, caring ways.
Living lives of deep commitment
providing for those they hold dear
Steadfast with a quiet strength
through times of laughter and tears.
You are a person like that to me
The most selfless man by far
So Johnny Northside, I'd like to thank you
For being the HERO that you are.

Johnny Northside! said...

And this is the notorious troll Patrick writing this?

Whatever, Patrick.

Anonymous said...

What's hard to believe here is that nobody charged Lt. Stoll with attempting to bribe a police officer. Because it seems pretty obvious that if you're going to walk into a meeting at another precinct and offer a steak dinner to any officer who arrests somebody at a house on your block, that's a bribe. Or maybe not--I'm not an expert on the law, of course.

Flowers' constitutional claims seem baseless, but on the other hand, it does make a person wonder how much the city could save in attorney fees by firing police officers who do dumb stuff.

The I.I. said...

Johnny Northside!,

Win or lose, have we seen the last of Al Flowers bothering us in NoMi? I saw the January 2009 video, I've got to admit that I don't know the back story or why he even cares about what goes on around here. Doesn't he live in South and just wants to be mayor or something like that?

Johnny Northside! said...

No matter who they are or where they ACTUALLY live, the poverty pimps and self-styled advocates gravitate to North Minneapolis.

We who actually live here must contend with this fact, bear this additional burden and wrestle with it until the positive changes in our neighborhood put the poverty pimps out of a job.

Two Minute Warning said...

Johnny Northside! said:
"No matter who they are...the self-styled advocates gravitate to North Minneapolis".

Just like John Hoff - the pot calling the kettle black.

John Hoff, a self-styled advocate, gravitated to North Minneapolis and has chosen himself to right all the wrongs in NoMi.
How ever did NoMi get along before he arrived two years ago?
How did NoMi manage to survive while he was gone for 10 weeks this past summer?

Answer: Just fine.

Johnny Northside! said...

I live here. Very simple. I live here.

Al Flowers doesn't live here, nor do a handful of other self-proclaimed activists I could name.

Nor has there ever been a statement that NoMi wasn't "getting along" before I came here. I'm doing my part to make my neighborhood (and I emphasize that, MY neighborhood) better.

boathead said...

Two Minute Warning has alerted us to the exact time it would take for them to tell their life's story.The Basic Idiots Benign Literary Entity(a.k.a. Bible) states that faith without works is dead.John has faith and walks the walk.He works at what he does and that includes responding to irrelevant fear mongers who warn us that people like themselves exist albeit on a wing and a prayer.I will use the Bible as an example even though i am a procrastinating agnostic who will search for the truth when i get around to it. Yaweh Allah think about it some Mor,mon.Hindu easy and will get back after i get some Buddha. Boat says have a good day whatever voodoo!

Two Minute Warning said...

Johnny Northside! said "I'm doing my part to make my neighborhood (and I emphasize that, MY neighborhood) better."

Which would be great, except that you have this constant habit of sticking your nose in other neighborhoods business all over Minneapolis as is evidenced by your postings, and of calling 311 on everything you see no matter what area of Minneapolis is it.

So just like Al Flowers, Spike Moss, etc. You are a self proclaimed activist who thinks you have some super-power to solve all our troubles.
Reading what you have to say is equal to the same rhetoric spewed by Al Flowers, Ron Edwards, and all the other self appointed (and self anointed) activists who inhabit Minneapolis.
And at the end of the day, it's nothing but a bunch of words.
You have the potential for leadership, you just don't seem to be able to find one project to lead. Stop putting band-aids up all over Minneapolis, and nurse Hawthorne back to health.
I'm sure the other neighborhoods will survive without your assistance.

Johnny Northside! said...

If I'm walking in another neighborhood and I see a piece of litter, I will probably pick it up if there's a trash can right nearby.

Are you saying I should leave the litter on the ground, because it's not my neighborhood?

Clearly, I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing and your anonymous troll posting on my blog won't have any impact on it, except to get me to declare I'M GOING TO KEEP DOING WHAT I'M DOING.

Anonymous said...

Funny discussion that has evolved here.

I see Jerry Moore all over the northside. And he doesn't even live in Mpls, nevermind NORTH Mpls.

I see Don Allen everywhere. He lives with his sugar momma in Columbia heights.

I see Rev. McAfee everywhere, he lives in a luxurious mini-mansion in Brooklyn Park or Center (can never keep them straight) and his "wealth" was built off the real estate blood of my neighborhood, North Mpls.

I see Al Flowers all over Mpls, and he is crashing on god-knows-whose couch in god-knows-where.

I .... could keep going, but won't. John lives in N.Mpls and is trying to make the whole of N.Mpls a better place as he sees fit.

It's no secret that there are opposing views of how to do just that.

Trudrud said...

As a Northside homeowner, I can easily tell you the difference between folks like Mr. Hoff and people like Mr. Moore. On the one hand, you have an actual resident of the area like Hoff, who does all he can (even if sometimes it seems or actually is ill-advised) to make the place better. On the other, you have a person who sees a place with weaknesses and vulnerabilities. This person schemes and plans and cajoles his way into a position to take advantage of these vulnerabilities, and then proceeds to suck all the money, power, and connections he can out of it, leaving devastation in his wake.
Now, I've never met either of these guys, but I can tell you right now which one I'd rather have as my neighbor, and that would be Mr. Hoff.
Shame on those of you complaining that JNS is sticking his nose in business that isn't his. If you're a taxpayer in this city, then quality of life issues are your business, whether it's happening in your neighborhood or not.
If you choose to stand idly by while somebody turns your city into a shit-hole via neglect, destruction, harmful behavior, or just plain selfishness, then you deserve to live in the trash you protect and promote, but damned if you get to put down other people for wanting better for themselves and the world around them.