Wednesday, November 24, 2010

3107 Lyndale Ave. N. Goes Down, Nobody Noticed...

Photo and blog post by John Hoff

There is no "before" pictured above, only the here and now.

The building at 3107 Lyndale Ave. N. was a small, undistinguished, one-story gray structure which at one time housed an insurance agency called "K United Insurance." The building was relatively recent construction and did not appear historic. Hennepin County owns the property and, according to a witness across the street at Bangkok Market, demolished the building approximately August.

Its passing was not remarked on the internet until just now. But I feel we must document the face of our neighborhood, as a massive transformation sweeps North Minneapolis through demolition--arguably too much--and renovation; of which we need a whole lot more.

The corner where this building once stood (near) is getting better all the time. This blog recently featured a story about the law office of Ian Alexander, click here, which is now located at 626 Lowry Ave. N., and Bangkok Market remains a favorite which never fails to please.


Patrick said...

I'd say I have to agree. Bankok Mark is the shit! You can't get better asian grocery in NOMI than BK. And thanks for Hennepin County for demolishing yet another NOMI building.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure nobody noticed?