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JNS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Police Report In The Alleged "Church Service Assault" On Major Topps...

Stock photo and blog post by John Hoff

As part of ongoing efforts to sponsor a meaningful discussion about Major Topps--a man being hailed like a "savior of black youth" in some parts of the North Minneapolis community in the wake of his sudden death, but his interest in urban youth long regarded with suspicion in other parts of the community--this blog has been providing a community forum for discussion, click here, plus reporting any facts we can uncover. This is quite difficult. As of this moment, even the discussion PRAISING Major Topps appears to have dried up in other parts of the internet.

Some days ago this blog requested the police report for the assault incident and, this morning, that document hit our inbox.

Here it is:

Public Information Report Minneapolis Police Department CCN: MP-10-325354
Report Details

Reported Date: Oct 24, 2010 13:15 Reporting Officer: 007654: David Weseman
Last Uploaded: Nov 3, 2010 Date Printed: Nov 5, 2010
Related CCN : --

Precinct: 04

Incident Details

Offense1: ASLT3 Desc: Aslt-sgnfcnt Bdly Hm Statute: 609.223 Attempted:
Address: 1115 30 AV N
Occurred From: 10/24/2010 12:52 Occurred To: 10/24/2010 13:00
Public Data

The suspect assaulted the victim inside the church during service. The victim was kicked punched and hit with folding chairs. The victim was transported to HCMC via ambulance. North ambulance run number AC034175. The suspect was goa.

Recommend further investigation.

Role / Role #: V001

Name: Topps Jr, Major

Residence: 3424 Perry AV N
Robbinsdale , MN 55422
Telephone: C:763-807-7921

Date of Birth: 09/11/1949 Event Age: 61 Est. Age: 61 - 61
Race: Black

Sex: Male



Victim of: ASLT5

Role / Role #: W001

Name: Beavers, Tina Louise

Residence: Unknown
Telephone: H:612-598-3825

Date of Birth: 06/28/1972 Event Age: 38 Est. Age: 38 - 38
Race: Black

Sex: Female




Role / Role #: W002

Name: Dillard, Leila Almira

Residence: 1115 30 AV N
Telephone: H:612-483-4241

Date of Birth: 08/04/1978 Event Age: 32 Est. Age: 32 - 32




(A question from Johnny Northside Dot Com: How does Leila Dillard, the witness, list HER RESIDENCE as the church? And, also, who are these witnesses? Are they random church members or closely connected with the victims?)

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