Monday, November 22, 2010

City Council Member Don Samuels Works To Retire Campaign Debt...

Photos and blog post by John Hoff

Even if your opponents happen to be political midgets, fighting them off and winning a city council seat is expensive. City Council Member Don Samuels is working to retire campaign debt and recently had a fundraiser at Local D'Lish, which the NoMi Passenger blog billed as the social event of the season.

I attended the fundraiser, which looked like a success based on the modest but respectable pile of money and checks. While there, I noticed innovative "wine barrel composting bins" for sale at the store and thought, oh my word, I want one of those. But I'd be more likely to find an old wooden barrel somewhere and make it myself.

All the same...a very cool item at a nice party for a great man. Samuels is pictured above with NoMi developer Stu Ackerberg and Mike Christensen of CPED. As regular readers might guess, many laughs were shared at the party about Alfred Flowers vs. City of Minneapolis, the great "toe stepping civil rights trial" in which Don Samuels played a starring role due to his moral act of literally "standing up" to loudmouth heckler and verbal bully Al Flowers.

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