Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ugly Ass Blue Tarp Building Continues To Haunt West Broadway...

Photo and blog post by John Hoff

It seems a lifetime ago that I was writing about the "blue tarp house" on the perimeter of the Hawthorne EcoVillage, click here, but somehow--no matter how many times city officials manage to rid North Minneapolis of "blue tarp" structures, the spirit just keeps haunting us.

The latest example is the notorious "thug store" known as "Urban Exposure" which was (or is?) located at the J & H used furniture store. At this building, a thunderstorm...

...damaged the roof quite a while back, click here. The thunderstorm was fun and exciting when it happened, click here, but has mostly faded from our memory...except for this ongoing visual reminder of that dark and blustery night. J & H Furniture has tightly secured the tarp in question--you have to look rather closely to see it in the photo above--and appears to be making the tarp a permanent fixture as winter draws near.

Such a special building should have a special name, and the name should harmoniously match the West Broadway slumlord de-development plan spearheaded by Keith Reitman, whose slummy cost-saving brilliance has given us the "ugly ass chocolate brown building."

Therefore, I dub the building in question the "Ugly Ass Blue Tarp Building."

But, really, readers should feel free to come up with other nicknames.


Johnny Northside! said...

It should be noted the orange sign on the store says J & H Furniture is "closed for remodeling" and announces another store location. Unknown if "Urban Exposure" is still in business at that location or elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Yup still sellin dope and clothes at two locations and probabley still under the wacthfull eye of the law.
Capt Jack