Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Last Of Senator Linda Higgins' VOTE TODAY Signs Makes Its Return...

Photo and blog post by John Hoff

Every general election, every primary, State Senator Linda Higgins (DFL, District 58) has a party the night before with a big pot of chili and homemade bread. She invites everybody over and asks her guests, when they leave, to grab two or three "VOTE TODAY" signs and place the signs at...

...highly visible locations at major intersections, at locations where it is lawful to place the signs.

Last night, my girlfriend Megan Goodmundson and I were driving by and saw one of the "VOTE TODAY" signs was still out, and had been knocked over. The sign was like a lost sheep which hadn't returned to its flock or, you might say, like one of those electoral races that's still hanging, unresolved, long after election night.

I fetched the sign; my vision illuminated by the flashing lights of a squad car which had somebody detained by the side of the road. The sign made its way back to Higgins' back yard, pictured above, and will no doubt see several years more of service getting out the vote.


I Voted said...

So she asks people to place signs unlawfully on either public property right-of-way, or property that they don't own?
I'm sure you know what the Minneapolis ordinance about these types of signs states.
Placing them on public property is against the law.
So you say this is OK for a Senator to do, but if another person puts out a sign, even one that provides a public service, you take it down.
Nice to know.

Johnny Northside! said...

You are clearly some kind of idiot who reads over stuff too quickly. But, really, continue to enjoy my blog posts about removing illegally placed signs on, for example, utility poles.

Anonymous said...

Do we really want people voting who need a sign that says "vote today" to get them to remember and show up?

Johnny Northside! said...

What's wrong with a little reminder? You might ask: do we really need people who have clocks to be reminded about Daylight Savings Time?

Oh, wait. Yes, we definitely do. Did you change YOUR clock today?

NoMi Passenger said...

Here's her email invite:
TONIGHT—Soup and Signs!

Put up VOTE TODAY signs

1715 Emerson Ave N

around 7 PM

Monday night, Nov. 1.

Enjoy some homemade soup and bread and pick out locations where you think a sign should go. Then go put them out. It’s easy! And if you’re still eager to campaign, you can head off to Midnight Madness afterwards.

Your menu

Chicken vegetable soup

Vegetarian chili

Brian’s homemade artisan bread

Jennie Downey’s fabulous brownies

**And about 125 VOTE TODAY signs**


Looks like she plans with her helpers where the signs will go.