Friday, November 19, 2010

Residents Of North Minneapolis Publish Level 3 Sex Offender Addresses With Impunity, And Much Much More!

Stock photo and blog post by John Hoff

An anonymous source sent me this interesting document on sex offender recidivism, click here for the PDF support site to obtain a copy of this document. I'll give you the high points: these sons-of-bitches are likely to reoffend, and (not so much highlighted by the report) they're being stacked in North Minneapolis like perverted piles of cordwood.

Thanks for the document, anonymous source. Now, can an anonymous source get me the current addresses of every Level Three sex offender in North Minneapolis so I can publish those addresses?

Which leads me to my next point: months ago, Johnny Northside Dot Com began publishing the addresses of Level Three Sex Offenders in North Minneapolis, along with information about which landlords were involved in putting these predatory monsters in our vulnerable neighborhoods. This blog will continue to publish that information as it falls into our hands, however, it turns out this blog has some competition...

The Irving Inquisition blog has also begun publishing the names, click here. In fact, "The Irving Ink" discovered an "Rapist Village" at 3008 and 3010 Emerson Ave. N.

More than half the states in the United States (including Texas, notorious for do-it-yerself justice) publish the actual addresses (not just block numbers) and no harm comes of it. Much GOOD comes of it, knowing precisely and exactly where these dangerous deviants reside.

So now two blogs are publishing the specific addresses, and that's twice as many as before. Residents of North Minneapolis will, I hope, continue to gain confidence about sharing the names in open internet forums, whether it be Facebook, listservs, other blogs, whatever.

The only difficulty is GETTING the info in the first place. Unless the L3SOs leave their surname on their mailbox on the same block in which they are known to be living, or can be plainly observed entering and exiting a building on that block, getting the names continues to be tough unless sources drop the info.


The I.I. said...

Think of it as a friendly competition. In all seriousness, I just want to put a stop to the tidal wave of L3SO's pouring into our NoMi communities.

Anonymous said...

As a home owner and a mother of a nine year old, I understand that you would want to put a stop of the tidal waves of level 3's in your neighborhood. But my questions to Johnnie are 1) Through the entire time that you have watched and made all your comments about sex offenders how many of them have re-offended? And what is you solution on how to deal with this issue? Posting their addresses? That's your solution? Plus I have also read that you have slandered probation officers. You need to remind yourself that these are the people holding them accountable and keeping you and your neighborhood safe from them re-offending.

Johnny Northside! said...

Anonymous posters who try to back up their opinion by claiming facts (mother of a nine-year-old, home owner) may or may NOT be telling the truth. Who knows?

I have not slandered any probation officers. Period. Posting their addresses is only PART of the solution and you're damn right I will keep doing it, and I suspect I won't be the only one.

NoMi Passenger said...

@Anon 6:10am, it doesn't matter how many of them have reoffended, just the sheer number of them present in the north mpls neighborhoods is a huge hindrance to filling up our vacant houses and apartments with decent, law-abiding people, especially young professionals who want to buy affordable and start a life. North MPls needs to repopulate and there is no denying that a mixed income community is a healthier route to aim for rather than repopulating with concentrated poverty.

Soooooooooo.... if you care about creating a healthy community for the current small children that live here, the future small children of people that already live here, and the future small children of new people moving here, then you should want a less impoverished population, a more diverse population, a population with a wider range of income levels and a population with people who will care about the civic and social health of their community which includes fighting against a high number of L3SOs concentrated into one area.

So dear troll of 610am, if you care about the people of north mpls, regardless of how you feel about Mr. Northside, there is no way to argue for protecting the safe zone for L3SOs that has been created here in north mpls, they got to go. Period.

And there is virtually no way to argue against a good faith attempt to repopulate north mpls with people from a broader income level.

And as Boathead would say: Good day.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if you guys would stop shouting about all the L3SO's in Nomi we could get some decent people to move in here. Who the heck would want to move in when you've got rogue bloggers shouting that the sky is falling because a few criminals have chosen to make NOMI their home. Duh!!!! Maybe if you published positive stories about NOMI we could draw more law abiding citizens vs creating a haven for criminials who have nothing to lose.

Johnny Northside! said...

No, what we need is enough political and social capital in North Minneapolis to get the L3SOs the hell OUT of our neighborhood, and to some degree that depends on keeping the issue at or near the front burner of public discourse.

ALSO, every L3SO needs to hear the word that if they choose to make North Minneapolis their home, there are people in North Minneapolis who will vigorously exercise the right to publish information about L3Sos, including exactly and precisely where they live and who their piece-of-crap landlords happen to be.

Johnny Northside! said...

To the Irving Inquisition?

Friendly competition? You've published the addresses of TWO L3SOs. Um, how many have I published? I don't really see the "competition" of which you write so, you know, try harder, ha ha.

boathead said...

As a tree house dweller and a father of a very dense 30 year old, i understand now why you must have a license to operate a lemon-ade stand.My son was trying to make a little extra money and heeeeeres Johnny(or was that Johnnie?)bustin' his ass. Now, my son has not re-offended by the way,there is a movement by all the Bloggers that the addresses of these young entrepreneurs be published so we are safe from their bitter concoctions.I will inform my son to find another tree.Anonymous 6:10 has relatives on the other list..obviously defending someone SHE knows.

Anonymous said...

Yo, Irv, let's not get carried away...but if you guys want to hold a contest and see who can collect the most addresses and embarrass the hell out of all of those who like to defend these assholes i believe it is time. All entries not only allowed,but encouraged.I'm in.I love Minneapolis.

Anonymous said...

Hey Irv, I think the citizens of JACC have spoken on the type of leadership they want. And they don't want a vigilante.
The by-laws allow a board member to be suspended for misconduct, and removed for cause. What was that about burning bridges again?

Johnny Northside! said...

It's seems to me Eric just narrowly missed being voted the chair of JACC after (I say again, AFTER) he published that info on Irving Inquisition.

So, clearly, his publishing of the info is not having any impact at all upon his standing on the JACC board and, indeed, I'm sure some support what he is doing in his capacity as a private citizen.

Anonymous said...

I realize you are been friendly to your pal but Eric Irv's defeat for the
Chair position was really not that natrrow if you analyze it. There were 10 votes total. 2 people runnin for Chair. Lets take out the 2 people running for Chair becuz of course they will be voting for them selves right?

So there are 8 people voting now and 5 vote for one and 3 vote for the other. So someone won by 2 votes. Which is actually two thirds of the total votes that Eric Irv got total not counting him self.

So not really that narrow. Carry
on now. Good day.

Johnny Northside! said...

Why take out the two people running for chair? So you can further widen the margin for purposes of your analysis?

Ha. "Analysis." Such a grand word to use for such simple math.

Eric came up short by a small number of votes in a very small pool of votes, typical of neighborhood boards and how they go. For somebody who only recently became active in neighborhood politics, the fact Eric ran and got ANY votes says that plenty of folks are enthusiastic about his "all stick, no carrot" view of dealing with crime.

Anonymous said...

Waddya talkin bout Eric has been on the JACC board for a year

boathead said...

Hey, anonymous 5:09,Fuck you and your good day first of all. Second of all, you're a front running asshole who doesn,t realize or comprehend that the process of change happens slowly and patience is required. The new wave of local activists are seeking change for the good and none of you ancient,dusty,cobbled fucks are going to stay in the way albeit you ARE in the way. Soon we will have our 5th ward rep, Mr. Samuels, running for Mayor one day hopefully and we can get all of the habitual obstacle creating fat in the brain faux-pas fux to go back to their caves.Good Night.

Anonymous said...

You miss the point. JACC wanted a chair that was going to promote the positives in the neighborhood and encourage community building. Not someone who was going to highlight the negatives, crime, and create controversy. JACC wants to move beyond it's troubled past.
The new chair has my blessings.
Maybe if more people had blogs like NoMi Passenger's, that highlighted the good in NoMi, a positive image could be presented.
Google north Minneapolis and all you get is crime reports. And these crime report filled blogs like II and JNS sure don't help the image.

Johnny Northside! said...

More blogs that highlight the good...?

Heck, MORE BLOGS. I feel like the more we tell and document our story, the better we do. I feel that my blog is very positive and--as I've pointed out before--I operate under a theory of "Market And Romanticize The (Revitalization) Struggle."

Anonymous said...

I wish Patrick or Boathead would start a blog. I love NOMI Passenger's blog too.