Sunday, November 14, 2010

2127 Lyndale Ave. N. Makes Dramatic Disappearance...

"Before" photo by Hawthorne Hawkman
"After" photo and blog post by John Hoff

It must have happened during my 10-week absence, but I didn't notice until today: the building I nicknamed "Squat-o-topia" at 2127 Lyndale Ave. N. has disappeared off the face of the earth. This dark brown house was a spectacular hotbed of squatters in recent years, though it was clearly a beautiful and luxurious home when first built. A small house nearby at 2125 Lyndale Ave. N. appeared to be a "coach house" which had been converted into a mother-in-law cottage, but that house at 2125 preceded 2127 in demolition, click here. Hawthorne Hawkman documented the involvement of "Dana D III" in the chain of ownership at 2125, just one more bit of destruction this notorious outfit has brought to North Minneapolis.

Substandard houses are going down in North Minneapolis faster than this blog can document their demolition. It seems futile to keep saying it, but it must be said: we need less demolition and more renovation. The loss of these homes is a tragedy. When will the bleeding stop?

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Anonymous said...

Your hot link goes to the JACC press conference. I think you wanted it to go somewhere else.

Johnny Northside! said...

Thanks, I fixed the link.