Friday, September 2, 2011

2723 Knox Avenue North Is Being Saved After Devastating Fire...

Photos and blog post by John Hoff

Major media reported that a child playing with matches was responsible for the devastating fire at 2723 Knox Ave. N.

After the major media published their story, this grassroots community blog followed up with an exclusive photograph of the fire, click here, and a report about the leaking water system, click here.

In fact, in a nationally broadcast interview about the Jerry Moore v. Johnny Northside "Truth And Consequences" court case, I've used 2723 Knox Ave. N. as an example of the "media ecosystem." After the major media get their story (child playing with matches, big fire!) our neighborhood still wants updates on what is happening with...

...the house. That task falls to grass roots media at the neighborhood blogger level.

Well, it appears the house is well on its way to being saved, but the process has been sloooooooow.

These photos, above, were taken in late April right before I left on my military deployment, Afghanistan by way of Dixie Land.

Yesterday, word reached me the house at 2723 Knox Ave. N. is still being renovated. The job is taking a long time but, of course, the North Minneapolis tornado slowed down a lot of projects in the neighborhood.

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