Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tootie's Boiled Peanuts At The West Broadway Farmers Market!

Photos by Megan Goodmundson, blog post by John Hoff

Tootie Martin--no relation to the Tootie's on Lowry Ave. N.--has been making appearances at the West Broadway Farmer's Market selling a Dixieland delicacy: boiled peanuts.

When I used to drive a truck in America instead of doing army duty in Afghanistan--where I currently find myself--I would just about live on boiled peanuts as soon as my truck crossed into the area considered the "Deep South." In Dixieland, boiled peanuts are sold at roadside stands, farmers markets, mom and pop convenience stores, and even major chains like Kangaroo and Cheetah.

(Um, we don't have those "major chains" up north)

Once upon a time, this is the way MOST peanuts were consumed: boiled while they were green, then eaten out of the wet, leathery shell.

If you've never had boiled peanuts, obviously you're wondering, "What do they taste like?"

Well, the closest way I can describe it would be...

..."peanut flavored mashed potatoes," in both taste and texture. They've very yummy. Even my son Alex, whose picky eating habits are legendary, tried a boiled peanut when he visited me during my R&R leave in on the Gulf Coast, and said boiled peanuts "tasted good."

Judging by the photos forwarded by Megan Goodmundson, the boiled peanuts at the West Broadway Farmers Market are being served hot. But some folks also serve the peanuts chilled, and they are good that way, too. One thing I've noticed is that the top of the container of peanuts is quite different than the bottom, because the peanuts come out very hot but don't seem to hold their heat long. For this reason, I usually buy a small container rather than a large container, even though the larger container is usually a better deal.

I prefer the "original flavor" boiled peanuts but "Cajun flavored" boiled peanuts are quite popular in the South. Tootie sells both original and Cajun flavor. He believes anybody who has eaten only gas station boiled peanuts hasn't really experienced boiled peanuts. To which I say: if your peanuts are BETTER than the gas station peanuts, they must be fantastic, because I love the gas station boiled peanuts.

Here's to entrepreneur Tootie Martin, who is bringing North Minneapolis a taste of Dixieland.


Anonymous said...

No, it is cajun flavor, see the reddish broth?

Johnny Northside! said...

Reddish broth does not automatically make it Cajun flavor.

Megan, did the broth seem to have spices in it, or was it just salty?

Johnny Northside! said...

The article was edited after the first comment was published. In the former version of the article, I expressed my opinion that "original" flavor peanuts were pictured and the commenter opined that the reddish broth meant those were Cajun flavor.

The commenter may or may not be right, but I want his/her comment to make sense in light of the revised article.

NoMi Passenger said...

Yes, they were cajun flavor. He did have original available too. He called his cajun "minnesota cajun" - mild enough for our timid palates.

Johnny Northside! said...

Right now I am thinking of Red River Valley Hot Sauce, which NoMi Passenger learned of from me.

For those times when "Pace Picante Mild" just isn't mild ENOUGH.

Johnny Northside! said...

This blog post got a shout out from the West Broadway Farmers Market newsletter.

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Johnny Northside featured the market and market vendor Tootie with his boiled peanuts writing all the way from Afghanistan. Thank you for your support of the market and for your service Mr. Johnny Northside!