Sunday, September 18, 2011

Harvest Fest On Lowry Avenue, North Minneapolis...

Photos by Megan Goodmundson, blog post by John Hoff

These photos by Megan Goodmundson were forwarded to me in Afghanistan so I could be at the Lowry Avenue Harvest Fest in spirit. I thought I'd throw the images into a blog post so I could vicariously participate even more.

Above, Lowry Avenue is blocked to vehicle traffic, transforming it into a pedestrian mall for the event.

Above, "Hawthorne Hawkman" Jeff Skrenes models a pendant that is perfect for him because it features a chili pepper, one of his favorite things. I say, "Why buy things when you can just take a picture of yourself with it, and then put it on a blog?"

Yummy steaks being prepared by a North Minneapolis grill master.

Some of the many art and crafts available from local vendors.

These folks do "brain massages" with those instruments and were also featured at Northside Art FLOW. Does anybody know who these folks are? Are they from North Minneapolis or do they just come here seeking our brains, like zombies?

Sandy's "Home of the Knock Out Dog," who can frequently be found in front of Cub Foods on West Broadway, is breaking in her new food truck. She is the wife of Mayor's Aide Sherman Patterson, who lives in McKinley.

The stage featured local bands, a gospel group, and a martial arts demonstration from kids at Doc's Gym on the corner of Penn and Lowry.

State Representative Bobby Joe Champion with NoMi homie Brian Connoy. Brian lives in Folwell and has bought and rehabbed two houses on the block where he lives in his own house. The rehabs were beautifully done and he rents out to decent folks at a decent rate. This is an example of NoMi being revitalized from within. Who needs slumlords like Mahmoud Khan and Bashir Mogul when we can do it ourselves, and do it better?

The "Goddess of Glass" poses with her latest creation, for sale in her gift shoppe at Penn and Lowry.

Just a sample of the funky and unique handmade fashions and accessories available at Goddess of Glass and Friends gift shoppe, featuring over 60 different local artists.

Volunteers from the McKinley CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program helped judge the produce contests and pose with some of the winners.

Darryl Weivoda and wife Janet get a hot dog and burger from the Camden Lions Tent. Darryl might be considered the "mayor" of Penn and Lowry, and therefore mayor of Lowry Avenue Harvest Fest.

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NoMi Passenger said...

Linda Higgins via facebook tells me it was Darryl Weivoda day in Minneapolis yesterday! Yay!

(John, you must make a song for a belated Happy Darryl Weivoda Day)

The Goddess of Glass said...

The didgeridoo people are Johnna Morrow and Steve Sklar who live in the McKinley neighborhood. Johnna's art is in the gallery at my shoppe right now along with a collection of cards and matted prints. And their music CDs. Come to her reception on Friday, oct 7th, 6-9pm.
The Goddess of Glass