Monday, September 19, 2011

"Bored Shooter" Malo D. Gomez Graduated From Wayzata High School, In Plymouth...

Photo from Malo Locco Gomez public Facebook profile, used under First Amendment comment and criticism, imags of Wayzata logo used the same way, blog post by John Hoff

Of all the information available about "bored shooter" Malo D. Gomez, who fired at two North Minneapolis police officers simply to entertain himself, no info has been more surprising than Malo's Facebook claim he graduated from Wayzata High School in Plymouth, Minnesota, just this year.

Newsweek ranks this high school among the top 1300 in America. (Newsweek 2008, ranking at 940 according to Wikipedia. The info can be found linked from Malo's Facebook profile)

What an education it must have been for students at Wayzata to have a real live "gangsta" at their school, giving them insights into the thug lifestyle. If weed was ever difficult to score at Wayzata High School, it appears Malo could have solved that difficulty for his peers. Check out that bag, above. That's not a nickel bag. That's not a dime bag. Hell, that looks like a DOLLAR bag.

This blog asks the question, "How, exactly, did this pot-smoking, gang affilated, gun-toting reject of Western civilization manage to graduate from Wayzata High School?"

For that matter, how did he manage to ATTEND?

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Anonymous said...

FYI - Malo did not graduate from Wayzata High School - he did DROP out from Wayzata though.

Anonymous said...

because the blacks of Wayzata High School have there ass. princ. who is black not take out any punishment to them because they have "bad" lives when the poor get free food and also get an education, plus the African Americans get a certain percent graduated because if a certain quote was not met the school would be considered rascist, they reject to learn proper English and believe they need to act ghetto to be accepted by there fellow African- Americans.

Johnny Northside! said...

You are bitching about "the blacks" at this high school and "they reject to learn proper English"?

Are you KIDDING? Here you are not using a capital letter at the beginning of your sentence, you wrote one big run-on sentence, and you used the wrong form of their/they're/there.

Oh, and I think you meant "quota" not "quote."

Normally I just reject what I see as overtly racist comments but in this case I wanted to publish it so I can make fun of you.

Folwell Neighbor said...

Anonymous 3:03PM, are you one of these people that "slipped through the cracks" and graduated even though you shouldn't due to these quotas? As Johnny pointed out, you lack the ability to construct simple sentences, beyond simple typographical errors.
Is your hatred of this system really hatred that you were a "victim" of this broken system as you describe?
If so, I'm sorry to hear that, and we should definitely work to make it better. Your experience would be very valuable in repairing the system.
If not, well, I seriously have no idea where you're coming from. Seriously, no idea.

Love Regal said...

First off , you stupid Jackass , you don't know shit about Malo . dumb ass , and he didn't SHOOT because he was " JUST BORED " , he JUST SAID that . DON'T EVER SPEAK UPON SOMETHING YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ! , FREEE MALOO GOMEZ EARLY . .

Johnny Northside! said...

He didn't shoot because he was bored, he just SAID that, you say?


I don't think you know anything about it. I have doubts you know Malo any better than I do. In fact, I probably know him better because I've looked deeply into his life, what I can find of it online.

Love Regal said...

YOU FUCKING DUMB ASS I kicked it with him , was with him all the fucking time you dumb ass ! You don't know him I PERSONALLY Know him , and date his brother ! , you fucking idiot FUCK YOU , AND you " Looking Deeply Into His Life " you don't know him , nor his life situation , and WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO COMMENT ON HIM ? , YOU ARE AN OLD ASS MAN WHO IS JUDGING A TEEN ? WOW GOOD JOB feel better ? Get a fucking life fagg ! YOU DONT KNOW SHITTTT ! COMPARED TO ME , you think you knew something off of researching ? You fucking clown .

Johnny Northside! said...

Who the fuck am I? I'm the blogger. I blog. This is what I do. And when somebody like Malo does what HE did (allegedly) somebody like ME comes along and writes about it. Circle of life. Like the Lion King.

And shit.

I'm sure the thugs who hang around with him know PLENTY about him, but since you're not exactly telling all the rest of us who are interested in him the relevant details we would like to know, it's up to me to dig stuff up.

Oh, and to provide a comment forum for you to add whatever you feel is important. So go ahead, get whatever you want to say off your chest.

Love Regal said...

But how about your info be actually right ? You fucking goof! , lmaoo you THOUGHT YOU KNEW SOMETHING! yallllll your information is wronggg ! That's the problem your NOT ACCURATE BITCHES ! It be a difference of you were right , but your not.

Johnny Northside! said...

Ah, yeah.

He said he shot at the cops because he was bored. The fact he SAID it is a fact. I'm reporting the fact he said it and then, based on that fact he said it, I can nickname him the "bored shooter" if I feel like it.

If you know why he shot at those cops besides being bored, well, you have all the room in the world to share it.

The Hawthorne Hawkman said...

Being Facebook friends with some highhhhhhh school age kidsssss, I can attest that the addition of unnecessaryyyyyy letters at the end of key words is quite commonnnnnnn. It's still pretty distractingggggg from whatever point people are trying to make thoughhhhhh.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter whether he did because he was bored or not. Its the fact that he was dunb enough to actually have a gun in the first place, and to shoot it at cops. Really, I grew up in the hood, been homeless, the whole nine. That is no excuse to be a thug or in a gang or to shoot at people. Black people make so many excuses. It's sad and it pisses me off because you're the reason why your life is messed up. If you aren't retarded, then you're to blame you idiotic ppl, you sense-less folks. How dare you justify such an act and say we know nothing. Now we know something about you, you're a statistic.

Anonymous said...

his mugshot is now on line at offender locator. i wonder if he understands he will be in for a while and his people will forget about him being bored