Saturday, September 24, 2011

"The Maples" Has Been Sold, Hooray!

Photo by Jeff Skrenes from his Hawthorne Hawkman blog, blog post by John Hoff

"The Maples" (2614 4th St. N.) is a drop-dead gorgeous Victorian style home with 5 bedrooms and the most wonderful neighbors anyone can imagine, Brian and his partner Raymel. It was prominently mentioned in this article about last year's Harvest Fest, on the Hawthorne Hawkman blog, click here.

For a couple years, now, some of the most energetic and dedicated people in the North Minneapolis revitalization movement have wondered, "What will become of The Maples?"

Well, in the same "care package copy" of North News that brought me word of the passing of Nick The Ukrainian, I noticed an advertisement in the back of the paper for Realty World and a photo of a house I was sure had to be The Maples...

(Yes, I am so eager for information about North Minneapolis while serving in Afghanistan that I even read all the ADVERTISEMENTS in the first copy of North News I have seen since late April)

I posted a question on Hawkman's blog and he quickly answered it. The Maples has been sold to some wonderful owner occupants.

A cheer rings out from the other side of the world.

The Maples is a Hawthorne Neighborhood success story. The wave of Northside neighborhood revitalization rolls on, unstoppable.

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