Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tornado Renovation Reveals Old Window Space, Antique Wall Paper...

Photos by Megan Goodmundson, blog post by John Hoff

NoMi Citizen Megan Goodmundson, who has been repairing her storm damaged home with insurance proceeds, sent me these pictures in Afghanistan of her post-tornado home renovations.

Ripping into storm damaged walls revealed...

A space where there used to be a window, hidden beneath the paneling. Megan decided to spend some extra money and restored the former window with lovely leaded glass. (See top photo, middle photo shows the discovery of the window space)

Renovations also revealed what may be the original wallpaper of the old bungalow. (Bottom photo)

As bad as the tornado was, Megan's house will actually be NICER when all the repairs are completed.

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NoMi Passenger said...

There is a commenter who wants to know if John can comment on why I am being sued by "my construction company".

I will comment myself.

I am NOT being sued by my construction company. My contractor is doing an awesome, bang up job repairing my house after the tornado. I can't wait to share ALL the pictures, aside from what John has posted here.

There is an "almost my contractor" who is taking me to concilliation court because he thinks I owe him money. We shall let the judge decide and if anyone wants to spectate you are welcome to find us in concilliation court on October 20 at City Hall. After that date I'll share more of the saga of the contractor who takes a tornado victim to court.

And perhaps the half dozen or so other northsiders who have ended up in major disputes with this contractor might also want to share their stories on the internet or blogosphere as well, so everyone can have their experiences shared with the broader public.

NoMi Passenger said...

To the commenter submitting comments on the back channel: we aren't going to publish comments with the construction/contractor's name here. I'm not going to be accused of "defaming" the contractor's name, so if you know so much, you must be affiliated.

Just because the last time the contractor sued someone was a few years ago doesn't mean that the contractor hasn't been sued by a disgruntled customer, or hasn't had of disputes. I know of several, and I know the contractor has been removed from vendor lists of several northside, city wide and even country organizations.

And that is the end of this topic until after concilliation court. No comments will be published and there is no need to submit communication through the comments function.If you are so confident, then just save it for the court room. Have a good one!

NoMi Passenger said...

To the continued commenter: actually, the construction company's name does show up when it is run through court records. A mechanic's lien and some kind of concilliation or civil court. Both times defendant. I didn't look closely. I haven't run the individual's name to see what comes up under THAT name.

And as to your question why don't I just settle for the cost of the city permit fee??? Are you serious? I sent instructions FROM the city on how to get a FULL refund from the city on the cost of the permit. If the contractor didn't do that then that is his problem. And I repeatedly said I will NOT pay anymore money than the check I already sent, which the contractor said he is refusing to cash. So be it.

Nevermind the fact that a permit was pulled with out a signed contract. And shall we talk about the email I received from the city? Oh. We shall. After October 20.

I bet a dollar if I wrote to the city, I'd find out there WAS a refund of the permit fee issued and that this "settlement" you are proposing is just another shakedown.

Not. gonna. do it. Stop contacting me through the comments function. This is the last time I'll respond.