Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Shooting Victim Shabar Terrence Hildebran, Only 19, Already Had Impressive Criminal Record...

Stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

Shabar Terrence Hildebran, 19, the most recent victim in a series of homicides in North Minneapolis, was only a "victim" in the sense that it was his dumb, random luck to be the one taking it rather than dishing it out this particular time...

Here is the usual online court record, which mainstream media could have easily assessed and published, too.

11/12/1991 04/23/2010
Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown Crim/Traf Mandatory

27-CR-10-24313 1100140738 HILDEBRAN, SHABAR TERRENCE
11/12/1991 05/27/2010
Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown Crim/Traf Mandatory
Closed Evade or elude a police officer by means of running, hiding, or any means except fleeing in a motor

11/12/1991 08/27/2010
Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown
Karasov, Patricia Kerr Crim/Traf Mandatory
Under Court Jurisdiction Burglary-3rd Deg-Steal/Commit Felony or Gross Misd

But, you know, there may be those who come forward and say...

1. He was a good boy. Loved his mother.

2. Everybody liked him.

And, my all time favorite...


Currently, I am trying to find more information on the internet about Hildebran. I have located some basketball stats for an individual who is about the same age and has the same name, but it is unknown if this is the same Shabar Hildebran, click here for the basketball stats.


LaShawn Kreighbaum said...

This is so disrespectful! Who the fuck would post some shit like this? You're basically saying fuck him, his family, and his life. Your letting the wrong things bother u, wow he has petty crimes on his record, so the fuck do 90% of people his age in mpls, how would u like it if someone said FUCK ALEX, Iam sure not at all, but u basically said this young man deserved to die!!!

Johnny Northside! said...

"Petty" crimes, huh? Charges of stealing and fleeing from the police?

Jaywalking is a petty crime. The stealing charge has the word FELONY in it.

Also, I didn't say fuck him, his family, his life. I think I'm basically saying this was no surprise. Decent people don't have to worry much, because once again this is just thugs going after thugs.

THAT is what I'm saying.

I could ADD to what I'm saying, if you like.

Anonymous said...

I used to own a house in nomi. Bought it out of total ignorance of how peaceful it was in the winter versus how hellish it is in the summer.

Man am I glad im out of that hell hole.

Place was damaged or defaced every week. Hookers trolling the streets. Black guys showing up at my door for no reason but to spy to see what goodies are inside so then they can raid the place when you leave.

Until the people in the area start looking to God to solve their problems instead of to drugs and guns, nothing..

I repeat NOTHING will ever change around there.

The only one thing that would help is if the mpls police put up cameras with audio and gunshot detectors on each street that sent video back to HQ. And gave FAR tougher sentences. Then they could catch more of them.

Judges need to stop slapping their wrists and telling them to behave. Lets try putting them back on chain gangs for a years hard labor instead of a felony charge and now dont do that again..haha. Ummm ok officer. haha

Too many thugs going after other thugs.... WITH ZERO consequences.

Johnny Northside! said...

Where was your house located? The street intersections?

I have never had the kind of problems you describe at my house in NoMi, and neither have my friends and neighbors. I think you might be overstating things.

Anonymous said...


I most certainly am not overstating things. I lost money on that place because the crime was so bad I had to get out quick. Wish I knew about the crime lookup websites back then.

It was around the Glen Gale park area. If you think im exagerating check out SpotCrime.com and type in any Nomi address.

There are more shooting reports around there every month than there are thefts.

My advice... STAY FAR AWAY FROM NOMI if you are thinking of moving there.

The northeast arts district seems to be a little quieter though. At least for now until the thugs drive there.

Youll probably think im lying or have an agenda but I dont. Im not racist or pushing an agenda.

Well maybe one.

And that is if you are lucky enough to own a home, the American Dream right?

You should have every right to live IN YOUR HOME....IN PEACE... AND QUIET.

You know in 1868 in Texas they passed the Cattle Ranchers Law which still is in effect where if you are trespassing on someones property they have every right to shoot you...And down there they would.

Theres far less crime down there. Why? Thugs know they are risking their life.. Up here we slap them with a stack of papers and a your a bad boy comment now dont do it again and then release these morons.

Hmmm... Kind of like that Menes Williams character. Level 3 sex offeder. 4 days later another poor woman got raped.

Back to the chain gangs people. Hard labor. Consequences.

If there are no repercussions.. there will be NO justice.